09-26-08 10:21 AM
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    girls leading you on nuff said
    09-22-08 11:17 AM
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    My relationship issue...is that I'm not in one :P

    My last relationship however...the biggest problem (for me at least) is that she didn't want to have MY kids. I have Crohn's and I'm Bi-Polar...she was a psych major yet oddly enough was convinced that I would pass both on to my children for sure. Being a pysch major she surprisingly didn't know that Bi-Polar is primarily dominant in females and are better carriers, it also generally skips a generation. As far as Crohn's goes, its the same story except its not genetic, so passing it on is a slim to none chance.

    I personally couldn't handle that, I've never let my illnesses hold me back from anything I've wanted to do. I've always wanted to have my own kid and having her say that was a slap in the face. There was definitely some other major issues, but that was a bigger one...

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    I would have to agree.

    My issue is not finding the "right" relationship, if there is such a thing. Everything is fine in the beginning and then their true colors show. Either their whole personality changes or they grow distant and eventually stop talking to you all together. Then too, I wonder if the fact that I do have children henders me. But if that is the case, then I truly am better off by myself. I would NEVER choose a man over my children but I do miss having a companion...
    09-22-08 01:13 PM
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    Besides distance (he's in ME), so we text and talk every day, but he is very easily distracted, so he doesn't listen to me when I talk. He has two standard responses that always come out of his mouth "that good, babe" or "that's no good/that stinks" but he doesn't even attempt to pay attention so he uses them at the wrong times (Me: I just found $20 in the laundry! Him: Huh, that's no good). I know you can't expect guys to listen all the time but it makes me mad especially when I'm really excited or upset about something- I always feel like I'm competing with the tv
    09-22-08 01:18 PM
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    Ok here is one. I started talking to my ex again a few months ago. She has a bf that I know is cheating on her. My one friend worked with him and asked him for another girls number and to "hook it up". He also broke up with her for no reason for 3 days.. Hmm I wonder why. Well my ex and I have been going out.. bars, lunch, museum, even a road trip for a day. Before the road trip she said she went out with her roommate the night before and said she felt uncomfortable because her roommate met a guy there so she felt like a third wheel. I asked where her bf was and she said they never go out. And that he took his own road trip that weekend. Needless to say she told me she does not trust him.
    So now I am starting to have feelings for her again. And I also feel that there is still something there, but at the same time I feel like I am filling a void where the current bf is falling short. Any ideas, advice on what I should do?
    A few things:

    1) There is a reason she is your "ex"

    2) It seems like you two are friendly again and hanging out which is cool. Also means that you are comfortable and familiar place for her to fall. It would make sense for her to talk to you about her current bf etc...

    3) There could definitely be something there but you don't want to be the ex rebound who is now the on again bf. She should be out of that relationship before you two try again.

    Good Luck!
    09-22-08 03:17 PM
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    One of our issue is communication. Sometimes I find it hard to listen to him because he take forever to get to the point, so I would cut him off and start trying to make my point.

    I soooo hear you on that.
    People drive me crazy when they have to take
    20 minutes to get to the point when the entire issue could be wrapped up in a minute or two.

    Also finding someone who is willing to deal with me having two kids and that the kids do come first. It's hard
    to balance work, children and a relationship when the man is not the childrens father. Also unfortunately having a 15 year old
    daughter scares some guys off because they are afraid they might get accused of something they didn't do if she gets mad at
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    Hey guys,

    So Im doing some research on the top relationship issues, everyday things that couples go through but sometimes don't know how to address the issue ie one person wants kids, the other dont; you cheated and don't know how to tell your mate, etc.

    Need more ideas! Whats your issue?!
    I have one for you! MONEY!! My ex-husband would make major purchases (for us that was at least $100 or more) without any discussion first. He would come home, tell me what he did/bought/ordered or whatever and then ask if it was okay?

    Why ask me if the money is already spent and gone? I could never understand that. Frustrated me to no end. So glad he is my EX.
    09-22-08 03:49 PM
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    My SO has been with a couple of a'holes in the past so she has trust issues. It doesn't help that I like to IM and flirt sometimes. I'm not a cheater and never have been I just tend to be flirty with young (legal!) Women. Ironically, if I flirt with someone and she's around, no biggie. She's terrified that I'm gonna start creeping. That's soo not me, never has been, and I've always hated cheaters.

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    09-26-08 10:21 AM
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