05-20-08 11:49 PM
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  1. Zrb0529's Avatar
    Me? Staring at PHP code and wishing I was asleep...
    04-17-08 03:53 AM
  2. joshforde's Avatar
    listening to itunes and osessing over the curve 8330
    04-17-08 03:58 AM
  3. Zrb0529's Avatar
    speaking of that
    will the VZW curve have wifi or gps or neither? knowing VZ neither
    04-17-08 04:14 AM
  4. joshforde's Avatar
    no wifi and only vz nav
    04-17-08 04:16 AM
  5. Zrb0529's Avatar
    Ugh VZW is so lame. I wish someone had better service around here.
    04-17-08 04:20 AM
  6. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Waiting for the coffee while checking CB. Trying to get my son to get moving for school.
    04-17-08 05:27 AM
  7. Rhon228's Avatar
    Going to drink a cup of coffee with my BB and then make breakfast to get kids going.
    04-17-08 05:29 AM
  8. raylol16's Avatar
    Getting ready for work sigh

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    04-17-08 05:53 AM
  9. salimar's Avatar
    Waiting to rotate to another post here at work. Nothing but "hurry up and wait"...

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    04-17-08 06:02 AM
  10. daddybear's Avatar
    drinking more tea..

    04-17-08 06:07 AM
  11. Solachica's Avatar
    Trying to finish an assignment.
    04-17-08 06:12 AM
  12. lush242000's Avatar
    Waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.
    04-17-08 06:17 AM
  13. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Update---> coffee's done. Much better.
    04-17-08 06:25 AM
  14. Gypsy's Avatar
    Waking up and cruising CB forums!
    04-17-08 06:44 AM
  15. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    working! got to love it!
    04-17-08 06:46 AM
  16. scrimp212's Avatar
    working, surfing the intarwebs, and thinking about what projects I need to work on today
    04-17-08 06:50 AM
  17. latina berry's Avatar
    Getting ready to work.
    04-17-08 06:51 AM
  18. johnrm's Avatar
    UGH...hoping my stomach doesn't give me trouble today. Not feeling too well ATM. Hopefully this Dr. Pepper I'm drinking will help!

    Just woke up about 50 minutes ago.
    04-17-08 06:55 AM
  19. s.f.clk02's Avatar
    Getting some wake and bake of CB
    04-17-08 08:06 AM
  20. mzshey2x's Avatar
    at work - shouldn't be on CB! it's gonna be nuts for me today..

    LMAO - wake & bake of CB sfclk
    04-17-08 08:14 AM
  21. gdasilva16's Avatar
    about to go to work, watching family guy onDemand, having a quick breakfast, and i'm on CB.com!!
    04-17-08 08:18 AM
  22. SdotA85's Avatar
    just got out of bed....doing my fav thing in the world... CB
    04-17-08 09:11 AM
  23. squiddaddy's Avatar
    Sitting at Corner Bakery Cafe working until my 10:30 appt.
    04-17-08 09:12 AM
  24. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    CBing & Twittering!!! I'm officially addicted to that now!
    04-17-08 09:36 AM
  25. s.f.clk02's Avatar
    i created that twitter thing and havent been on it since i dont know how to use them dam things im coo with fb
    04-17-08 10:37 AM
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