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    Hey what's up crackberry? I'm pretty new to this site and I've only had a BB for about 8 months. There's so much you can do with them I find something new everyday. So what I would like to ask evryone is what's your favorite or coolest thing you can do with your BB? It can be a app or something you bookmark or anything.

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    10-20-10 10:23 PM
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    Its my personal GPS device, my shopping list, my alarm clock, my phone book and address book, my appointment scheduler, its my password keeper, its my ebook reader, my text messaging device, my emailing device, my twitter on the go, my facebook on the go, and... AND... AND!!! it can also make phone calls

    So ask not what the BlackBerry can do for you... And ask instead, what can you do for the BlackBerry?
    10-20-10 11:43 PM
  3. PHDColumbus's Avatar
    my phone gives me sex
    10-26-10 10:58 PM
  4. T
    I love the custom contact alert/notification profile exception feature. With it, I can be sure my important contacts can reach me ... and no one else can bother me!

    (There are many, many other things, but that one comes to mind in the moment.)
    10-27-10 12:00 AM
  5. Johnly's Avatar
    Pimp it off, and get android....orgasmic.
    10-27-10 12:11 AM
  6. m3ch3ll's Avatar
    i love the app berrybuzz, i can set different led light colors to different notifications
    11-13-10 07:00 PM
  7. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    Ummm, everything.

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    11-19-10 03:23 AM
  8. Jean-luc_Picard's Avatar
    How about, I can hook it up to my [currently imaginary] PlayBook? But seriously, BBM. When i first got my berry I could not see the point at all, but the delivery and read receipts, and the groups so that I can create a family group so everyone with a berry can see the grocery list and calendar, as well as edit them. I could go on about why I love BBM for a few thousand more words, but I won't. Next up would have to be the integration. First part of that is that I see all of my facebook feeds, twitter feeds, and RSS feeds in social feeds, and all my emails from all my accounts and my facebook emails in my messages app, and finally in BBM I see BBM and select texting contacts. The second part of the integration is the app integration. I have an app that uses the volume up/down and mute button as convenience keys, and gives the option to add stuff to the menu (when you press the menu button no matter what application you're using), as well as another that provides a new lock screen. Third would be the LED, not as much for the quick glance to know if anything's new, but so that I'm notified instantly without the notification being pushy when I'm playing a game or watching a movie. Fourth would be the keyboards. On my Torch I have the nice physical keyboard as well as the SureType virtual keyboard, though I wish I could have a physical SureType as well, nothing's perfect... Anyway, I can type about twice as fast on either of these as i can on an iPhone 4, and nearly an infinite amount more than on a traditional phone. My final reason is lack of antennagate, or to be more specific, amazing communication skills. To me my phone should be a phone first, with games and such being add-ons, not the reason to buy the phone. If I want games I'll buy a gaming device, but for my phone I want a working phone, which seems to be too much to ask from Apple...
    01-15-11 07:16 PM
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    I can control my PVR from anywhere in the world!

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    01-15-11 07:48 PM
  10. rayzian's Avatar
    I'd have to say the ability to customize the shell.. I have about 3 different housings that I switch up whenever I get bored.. So much fun taking it apart! Can't do that with an iphone..

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    01-16-11 07:19 PM
  11. Chrisy's Avatar
    Paying Bills
    Streaming Pandora
    Audible GPS

    Those are some of my favs!

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    01-16-11 07:23 PM
  12. chefberry's Avatar
    I can give it a voice command and have it translate it into something completely different. Hey, wait...that's not cool at all...

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    01-17-11 05:26 PM
  13. rrrebo's Avatar
    From my post on a previous thread:

    Things I do/have done on my BlackBerry:

    • Phone calls
    • SMS
    • MMS
    • BBM
    • BBGroups
    • sent voice notes
    • take pictures
    • show off pics of my kids/pets/darts, etc...
    • shoot videos
    • listened to Visual Voice Mail
    • used Voice-activated dialing with my Jawbone BT headset
    • E-mail
    • web
    • Find local stuff (Google Maps, Poynt)
    • Get directions (Google Maps)
    • un-lost myself in a strange neighborhood (Google maps, GPS)
    • listen to music
    • watched Season 1 of Heroes
    • keep my wife's and my calendars synced
    • boarded a plane by displaying the boarding pass barcode on my BB screen
    • scanned a store discount card by displaying it on my BB
    • located objects in the dark with the LED flash
    • settled MANY, MANY pub bets
    • Corrected trivia questions
    • post to Twitter
    • post to LiveJournal (back in the day)
    • post to Facebook
    • purchased movie tickets (Fandango app and mobile site, Poynt, MovieTickets.com)
    • transferred files from 1 PC to another via sneakernet
    • documented a motor vehicle collision (camera, Memopad)
    • paid bills
    • transferred bank funds
    • checked traffic conditions
    • checked weather (BeWeather Free)
    • wasted buttloads of time playing games like Addictive Tower Defense, Jumbles, Pixelated, poker, BrickBreaker, etc...
    • woken myself up for work on business trips (Alarm clock)
    • provided BB, iPad, and PC tech support to friends and family members
    • embarrassed friends online
    • sniffed WiFi networks
    • read fine print using camera zoom
    • timed tasks using the timer and stopwatch functions
    • created and maintained a Dungeons & Dragons character
    01-17-11 07:16 PM
  14. Phill_UK's Avatar
    The coolest thing I've ever done on my Berry is record my fave TV show, whilst out of the country on vacation.

    The Sky Mobile app is now available on Androids and iPhones, but at the time it was exclusive to BB.

    To sit by the pool, open the app, browse the TV guide, hit 'Record' and have it send instructions to my TV box 1000's of miles away was pretty cool at the time

    ...it certainly impressed my gf
    01-18-11 08:14 PM
  15. akiva9999's Avatar
    all of the things that everyone else listed...... and now one they didnt:
    paper weight!!!!

    my wife opened a window while i was working on the puter, and had a bunch of papers on the puter desk, wind cme in and blew stuff around.....everything except my papers!!!!! thanks so much bb!!
    03-23-11 06:02 PM
  16. Eli_B's Avatar
    What I find really cool is being able to add a contact to BBM by just 'scanning' the barcode of the other person, after which we are added to each others BBM list.

    Update 5/31: After having used it for over 3 months now, I also like the fact that I can multitask with my BB. I know that might seem like a small thing to some people, but having come from a non-smart phone(which has very limited multitasking..example: opening up a memo while on the phone to take down a number) and a first generation iPod touch(which can't multitask), that is a big thing for me...
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    04-10-11 01:09 AM
  17. stitch69's Avatar
    BBM...that's all i really use on my blackberry now...lol
    04-14-11 09:13 AM
  18. Sainthak's Avatar
    A music player via tune-in radio and the gps functions. I like using foursquare.

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    04-17-11 10:11 AM
  19. abdullah1982's Avatar
    apart from making calls, sms, mms, bbm, email ; I use my blackberry for many things.

    To start my day BB wakes me up with alarm.
    Click photos,
    Use calculator very often,
    Flashlight for frequent black outs during power cuts,
    xe currency for checking the exchange rate as I need them daily,
    calendar for all reminders and meetings,
    gps for finding my way,
    gps speedometer to get accurate speed ( helps me while drag racing)
    games to keep me company when i am bored
    and to top it up my BB works as my personal workout trainer
    05-06-11 11:37 PM
  20. MrObvious's Avatar
    Mainly I use my phone for web browsing, FB, SMS, and as a phone. I also use Twitter and play a few games on here.
    05-12-11 01:27 PM