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    ...is the best and most cutting edge tech currently available.

    I'm being semi-serious. But I've come to realize I'm a "tech competitor" around my friends, family, co-workers. When I bought my first android phone, it was the "best OS". My latest PC video card or CPU was "the best for [insert task here]". My PS3 was "better than PC gaming". Sometimes I'm even obnoxious about it! Here's where it gets worse though. Once I flip to another brand, then all of a sudden I am adamantly opposed to the device I was formerly championing but a scant year or less ago, and am now an expert on all of its flaws. I'm such a d*ck

    Am I really though? Or am I just keeping dutifully up to date on whomever happens to actually be offering the better product at the time? It's hard to pledge allegiance to any single brand or technology in this fast paced sector. I suppose it wouldn't come off so bad if I wasn't such a knob about it to my friends, but I can't resist jerking their chain
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    By that logic, a 2012 Taurus would be better than a 1967 GTO.
    Newest is a poor measure for best.
    02-16-12 03:55 PM