03-16-11 12:42 PM
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  1. NurseBerryAddict's Avatar
    Wow...guess I'm just an old maid here. I didn't get my first cell phone until I was 33. It was an audiovox. Don't remember which one. That was 9 years ago. I've only had 5 phones in all that time. The last 2 have been BB's. Also had a Motorola and a Samsung.
    03-30-10 07:52 AM
  2. EnergyPlus's Avatar
    I have to smile when I read some of these posts. The younger folks can not only tell you about their first phone, the seem to remember the very model number and sequencing that they got each phone! The rest of us seem to be more along the lines of "er, uhm, yeah...I got a phone of some sort, I remember it was big and heavy, back in 1990......." LOL! That's me, for sure.
    03-30-10 12:15 PM
  3. MzV33's Avatar

    Its the one on the right...i cant remember what this phone was called so i stole the pic from google...i didnt have a cell until i went to post secondary...18? lol
    03-31-10 11:46 AM
  4. BerryBlack15's Avatar
    storm2...when I was 30....God am I getting old!
    03-31-10 06:15 PM
  5. EnergyPlus's Avatar
    ROFLMAO!!! Now THAT'S the BEST answer I've seen yet. Hilarious, but welcome to the world of smartphones! Heck, of cell phones in general How'd you manage to get bye for so long?

    storm2...when I was 30....God am I getting old!
    03-31-10 10:08 PM
  6. BerryBlack15's Avatar
    Yes I meant my storm2 is my first smartphone and I am now 30.

    My first cell phone was some Nokia (cant remember model) I got when I was 15. My mom use to yell at me for using up the minutes on it because it was expensive. It was only for "emergencies".
    04-01-10 04:57 PM
  7. RCW5's Avatar
    Kids today have it good, both my 14 and 12 year olds have Blackberries.
    My first "phone" was actually a two way radio that had a phone number and a keypad on the front that you could dial a number with. It was terrible you couldn't talk and listen at the same time. But hey, we didn't have cell service in our small town 24 years ago. My first real cell was one of the 2 pound bricks, been supporting the industry every since.
    04-01-10 05:39 PM
  8. DUKDIKz's Avatar
    i think mine waz nokia & sony ericson
    04-01-10 05:47 PM
  9. charlotterealtor's Avatar
    The moto big grey flip. 20ish followed by the small version then ericson and then startac
    04-01-10 11:51 PM
  10. Ike Bee's Avatar
    The first was a Sony phone (brick style) that I bought in 1998-Sept. I was 3mos shy of the big 3-0 then. Along with my Panasonic pager, which I got rid of later, were my first. You never forget your first HA-HA!!

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    04-03-10 11:17 AM
  11. takuma089's Avatar
    A Ericsson Phone with an antenna..can't remember the exact model..SORRY. I was 5-6 back then..and I'm 18 now..

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    02-16-11 03:45 AM
  12. tinny24's Avatar
    This is what I had as my first phone - Motorolla MR1

    It had a whopping 60 minute talk time and IIRC 11 hours standby. No texting either!

    That was 1995 when I joined Orange UK on contract (no PAYG then). I've been with Orange ever since with the same number and just ammended my contract as and when better deals have become available etc.

    I've since had Nokia phones, I went through the Sony Ericsson P800, P900, P910i and P990i before getting my first Blackberry, the 8300 and I've had the 9000 and now have the 9700.
    That was my 1st phone 2, i remember you had to call orange for a centre number to be able to text, and i had nobody to text then my mate got 1 and we sent like 1 text a week haha
    02-16-11 06:10 AM
  13. tinny24's Avatar

    Its the one on the right...i cant remember what this phone was called so i stole the pic from google...i didnt have a cell until i went to post secondary...18? lol
    nokia 3310 awesome phone, i had 1 and played snaked for days on end
    02-16-11 06:25 AM
  14. Tecklop's Avatar
    1st = Nokia 3510 (Extremely Old) - Still Working
    2nd = Nokia 6681 (Very Old) - Broken
    3rd = BlackBerry 8900 (Old) - Broken
    4rd = BlackBerry 9780 (New!) - Using
    02-16-11 08:24 AM
  15. historianheidi's Avatar
    My first phone was a Mitsubishi Trium Astral (see pic below). My husband bought it for me on pay as you go in 1999 when I was 27. I had to travel around London a lot on my own and my husband was worried about emergencies. It was (comparatively) huge with an extendable aerial that kept getting caught on things, but I thought it was the coolest thing out there. Two years later, it was stolen in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

    Since then I have lost count of the number of phones I've had, but they've included a Nokia 3310, 2 Motorolas (both had terrible battery life) 1 Sony Ericsson and 2 Samsungs. My first smartphone was a Nokia 5800. I'm sticking with BB now though.
    02-16-11 09:28 AM
  16. JorgenP's Avatar
    Nokia 3210, got it when I went to 3rd grade so I was 9.
    02-17-11 07:02 AM
  17. im_erika's Avatar
    Nokia 3310
    I was 15 =P
    I was rockin a pager before that LMAO
    02-17-11 07:39 AM
  18. Mar17's Avatar
    My first phone was a boost mobile i(something) I got it when I turned 18.
    02-28-11 10:49 PM
  19. sssutanto's Avatar
    My very 1st mobile was Nokia 5110 (if the number was correct ;p) when I was in junior high school, it was probably like 12-13 yearss ago.. and interestingly my first smart phone was motorolla touch screen (cant even remember the model), the very 1st generation of 3G phones ;p;p
    03-08-11 10:59 PM
  20. Julianne79's Avatar
    Had my first cell phone at 20 yrs old and it was a nokia 5110

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    03-09-11 09:00 AM
  21. CurvyBerry11's Avatar
    My first was a Virgin Media Lobster on Orange. (Very tiny)
    Second was a Samsung.
    .. Sony Ericsson W980 I think...
    And fourth my wonderous BB Curve 8520.

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    03-12-11 09:06 AM
  22. Crisdean's Avatar
    Actually my list would read like this.

    Siemens sl42
    Iphone 3gs
    BlackBerry Bold 9780

    Can't remember the model of the Sagem but it was my very first phone and I still have it. Not in use but it fired up the other day like all the other phones. So far the best phone I had was the P900. Great alrounder

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    03-14-11 08:29 AM
  23. olliegrl's Avatar
    I had an old flip motorola. I was 14. My dad bought me a plan for 60 minutes a month. Data and texting weren't even thought of yet. lol.

    I was sooo happy to have that stupid phone and now I won't accept one without a flash on the camera :P
    03-15-11 07:04 PM
  24. SimplyCoutured's Avatar
    I had some kind of prepaid Nokia from Cingular. Got it for my 13th bday.

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    03-16-11 12:42 PM
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