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    I woke a bit ago to the news that one of my favorite musicians passed away.

    R.I.P Peter Steele

    04-15-10 12:34 PM
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    I was just going to post regarding this but found your thread first. Type O is my favorite band and In my opinion, the last of the greats. I had tix to see their show in NY at Nokia Theater but couldn't make it. Wish I had. I wonder if Pete knew he was going and what he thought as he went. One of my favorite quotes from him was when asked how he would like to die: "I'd like to jump off the Empire State Building...hopefully I'll land on someone I hate."

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    04-15-10 04:41 PM
  3. Lilin28's Avatar
    I agree. I have seen them several times and they put on a great show. I always made sure I was up front against the guard rail, so I could get a great view of him and Johnny..I got my pic taken with Johnny and proceeded to grab his rear while having the pic taken. He told my hubby, that he has a brave woman. Never got to meet Peter. He always ran to the bus to hide from the crowds.

    I have been blaring TON all day.
    04-16-10 11:50 AM
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    Listenin to October Rust right now, rollin through Brighton Beach, Bklyn...di you see what Josh wrote on typeonegative.net? Pretty sad stuff...

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    04-16-10 03:59 PM
  5. Lilin28's Avatar
    oh yes I saw that. Made me tear up.
    Have you seen recent pics of Peter? I found some from January and he looked bad. He gained about 40lbs and aged 15yrs in the last year and a half, but still handsome in my eyes. I think he had been sick for a while, and not told anyone; seeing how he started going back to church and going around to people he was wrong or mean to and apologizing.
    04-19-10 11:44 AM
  6. Mamaluka's Avatar
    I saw videos of him on youtube this past 2009 tour. He looked very overweight. Still had his voice and could play the bass...but wasn't the same guy from even 3 years ago. Its amazing that he went as long as he did with the way he lived towards the last 8 or so years of his life. Here you have a person who went from one end of the spectrum to the other (health fanatic to burnt out) in a decade. Very sad. From what I've read about him, he was a solid guy, funny and real.
    I am a bassist but haven't touched an instrument in years. His music and that band was and will always be the most moving emotional music to me.

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    04-19-10 08:41 PM