05-22-08 12:55 AM
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  1. ssadowski's Avatar
    I carry an XPS M1330, and have some other junk lying around as well.
    03-04-08 11:46 AM
  2. Solachica's Avatar
    Dell pc and 17" HP laptop

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    03-04-08 12:05 PM
  3. dacur's Avatar
    hp xp pc
    hp vista laptop
    gateway laptop running ubuntu
    03-04-08 12:07 PM
  4. jimmers's Avatar
    running ubuntu
    With the possiblity of looking dumb ....What's ubuntu?
    03-04-08 01:37 PM
  5. dacur's Avatar
    With the possiblity of looking dumb ....What's ubuntu?
    not dumb. it's a linux distribution. free. Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu
    03-04-08 02:01 PM
  6. OMG_of_War's Avatar
    i have a G5 PowerMac and a 12" iBook G4
    03-04-08 06:02 PM
  7. squiddaddy's Avatar
    Dell Precision 17" laptop. Has more crap than I know how to use.
    03-04-08 07:50 PM
  8. aizecarla's Avatar
    custom built dell inspiron 6400 that cost me double of how much a macbook is nowadays
    03-04-08 09:57 PM
  9. SassyLee's Avatar
    Gateway FX 17" and 15.4" laptop and HP desktop
    03-04-08 11:17 PM
  10. surfcitybum's Avatar
    Toshiba Tecra A5 (company) laptop, Dell Inspiron laptop and Dell desktop.
    03-04-08 11:25 PM
  11. Berryman's Avatar
    x1 Dell Optiplex, small form factor desktop, and ultra-portable Dell Inspiron 420laptop for work, and a Dell D620 laptop for home use and abuse - they are all Intel Dual Core machines - not running Vista yet though - - I see no attraction/advantages to do so, and the whole OS is "heavy" requiring increased processing and memory usage
    03-05-08 09:55 AM
  12. broomhilda's Avatar
    I have a POS. I mean an Averatec. It actually works great. Had it for over three years! I've taken it all over the country. My hubbies Toshiba Satellite acquired an evil delsim dialer (sp) virus, so we have to share mine. I guess mine isn't such a pos after all.

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    03-05-08 07:57 PM
  13. gadget girl's Avatar
    I have a HP Pavillion Entertainment Laptop about 6 months old! Love it! And an old built desktop that my husband uses.
    03-05-08 09:30 PM
  14. chrisf's Avatar
    I have Toshiba Laptop that is about 6 month's old. And a built desktop that is bad *ss as of 3 month's ago and my old built desktop built 3 yrs ago now running as my server!

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    03-05-08 09:34 PM
  15. linkmasteret's Avatar
    HP TX 1000 12.5 inch screen

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    03-05-08 09:39 PM
  16. WifeyMaterial's Avatar
    I have a Toshiba laptop and Dell desktop...I dont really use the desktop too much...I got it really cheap and
    I couldnt pass it up...
    03-07-08 01:57 AM
  17. hal737's Avatar
    I have a Macbook...love love love it

    and then in my house we have a dell laptop, a random desktop comp my dad built, an HP laptop, andd an Alienware laptop...

    We also have like 6 computers that don't work
    03-07-08 10:14 AM
  18. TheAznBradPitt's Avatar
    a old old 1997 sony vaio celeron at home hahaha and a dell xps 1710 for work. i cant wait til i can afford the new xps latop its soooo hot makes sweat.
    03-09-08 04:38 AM
  19. Sweeny's Avatar
    dell inspiron 1501.. just use for office 2007.. internet and blackberry..
    03-09-08 04:56 AM
  20. Carolina's Avatar
    HP and Dell laptop. Dell desktop.

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    03-10-08 12:26 AM
  21. djzidek's Avatar
    dell inspiron 1501 soon to be replaced with a macbook
    03-12-08 02:00 PM
  22. mzshey2x's Avatar
    Sony Vaio laptop (work)
    Macbook Pro laptop (work)
    Mac desktop (home)

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    03-12-08 02:56 PM
  23. aoprods's Avatar
    Laptop: Dell XPS 1530
    Desktop: Apple G4, Apple iMac, and 2 Dells
    03-12-08 03:10 PM
  24. ben.official's Avatar
    Dell laptop & a custom PC
    03-18-08 08:07 AM
  25. aton.amen's Avatar
    HP dv1000, i love my 'puter!!
    03-19-08 12:46 AM
79 1234