06-27-11 01:07 PM
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    Before my first BB, I was a die hard nokia fan because of its relative ease of use, and their ability to use mini SD cards to store music and apps and RING TONES!(which was an almost unheard of thing at the time for regular cell phones).

    I got my first blackberry back at the end of 2009, after seeing my friend with his pearl and using it to text while he was driving and the famous BBM. After slowly learning more and more about blackberries I decided to hunt for an unlocked second hand BB so I could send and receive emails on the go as well as hook up BBM to chat with all my friends.

    I came up with an 8820, because I just could not get the hang of the Pearls keyboard layout, and decided I wanted a full qwerty. After that I have never looked back. The UI was so intuitive and easy to use, and once I was introduced to OS5 I was in heaven!

    Since then, I have gone a bit BB crazy, upgrading on average every 6 months or whenever the budget allowed me to.

    Currently I have the torch, and I cannot wait for the new BB models this year.
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    Started w a Pearl in 2009, then to 8330, and then Tour. All I heard was try Android, move over to a better phone w cool apps blah blah. So I tried a Samsung Fascinate for 1 month, I was miserable!! The apps are great, but my emails were hit and miss, and I missed BBM! So I got on Ebay and bought myself a 9330. Ahhh the heavens smiled on me again!!! I'll never leave again!
    04-19-11 12:23 AM
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    While Android is a great OS, each day made me realize what I really wanted in a phone. I need apps but not a buttload, just the ones that work for me. So I looked at Blackberry because the app library is vast and I also wanted a functional phone with substantial battery life. I zip through this phone faster than my Android flipping to GTalk to SMS to Ubersocial to Facebook, it's the phone I've always wanted. I keep my Transform on wi-fi for playing a few games but that's about it. Not missing it
    04-21-11 04:49 AM
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    My sister inspired me to use BB.. She had a Bold 9000 and Iphone 3G then on my birthday she asked me what do I want an iphone? Or a bold? Cuz she would buy me one for my 17th bday. At first I chose the iphone cuz I think it was way more cooler than BB but when I saw the bold 9000 at a local mall. I said "wow! I need to get that phone! Like right now!" Then when I got home I immediately told my sister that I would not take the iphone anymore and would prefer the Bold 9000. Then she said ok I'll buy it for you tomorrow. Then after a week of waiting for the package to arrive since it was from japan(NTTdocomo) I unboxed it and it was love at 2nd sight. Haha then smelled the holster and enjoyed the feeling of having my first BB. Then a year later on my 18th bday I bought my Bold 9650. I was looking to go android but my sister wouldn't allow me. Then she dropped her Bold 9000 and uses the iphone 3GS. I love my BB so much and I'm still waiting for the Bold touch or Storm 3 to come out. Love BlackBerry!!!

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    I actually got my first Blackberry (the 9700) after watching those Blackberry/BBM ads that were so damn catchy! I feel almost embarrassed to admit it but RIM sucked me in through the ads!

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    06-17-11 09:39 AM
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    UMA calling (we have an unlimited UMA calling plan), plus all the other stuff a BB can do - music, videos, calendar, BBM, IM, browsing, e-mail.
    06-23-11 01:17 PM
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    I like the physical keyboard. And twitter works great as well
    06-27-11 01:07 PM
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