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    a while back Marissa Mayer said that Yahoo will no longer issues blackberry devices. in not so many words she stated that blackberry was not a smart phone and would not be used at yahoo. Recently, Marissa Mayer banned employees from working from home.

    what if yahoo continued to use blackberries. I bet you yahoo would let people work from home. Why do I say that? Because blackberry people do. We work everywhere.

    Lisa Belkin: Marissa Mayer's Work-From-Home Ban Is The Exact Opposite Of What CEOs Should Be Doing

    Gotta love Marissa.. youngest ceo.. youngest female ceo.. and she's not bad to look at if you like the blonde hair blue eyes type.. lol..
    02-23-13 06:50 PM
  2. aelaan's Avatar
    A smarter approach would be to let people decide what is smart. That's how other devices became loved

    I do however agree that working from home all the time is not good for employees to stay fully in tune with the mother ship

    Posted via CB10
    02-23-13 06:55 PM

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