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    Well I really wanted to talk about phones like Metropcs, and Cricket Wireless..
    Anyone here ever have either one of those carriers?? Or know of them?
    Well I have lol, and I hated Cricket like I used to see evryone with all the hot phones and I would be stuck with my Crappy Kyocera lol, those phones break so darn easy its not funny!
    I haven't had one phone by them that hasnet broken, even the most expensive ones would break.. Goodness I hated it..
    I finally switched to T-mobie Of last year and got a sidekick iD (worse Sidekick) IMO
    But yeah... Tell me about ya'll
    09-07-08 11:19 AM
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    I had T-Mo and hated it. They overcharged me several times, I had to replace phones on numerous occasions and their customer service wasn't good.
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    09-08-08 12:12 AM
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    Everyone has different opinions based on personal experience. I have T-Mobile and really like them -- and the blackberry plan they offer with WiFi. I also have a Sprint Nextel plan through work, the direct connect is good, but the coverage is horrible. I also had Verizon who had good service but during a bad financial time, they preferred to sue instead of work with us.

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    09-08-08 04:45 PM
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    Been with Sprint since Oct. '98. First phone was the Sony "brick", next was the grey Samsung 3500 flip, the LG blue flip(don't remember the model number), and finally my lil bro, the 7130e from RIM. Ten years and few problems it's been nice. If and when Sprint gets the Bold next year I'll be ALL over that bad boy!!

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    09-08-08 05:07 PM
  5. bx2md's Avatar
    oh boy this is touchy i have had just about most of the known carriers ....
    i had nextel (sucks) so bad ...sprint had to many hidden cost for me before the merge of course ...... att&t Worst service/dropped calls .....t-mo (don't know were to begin) good if your going to stay in one spot and don't move......boost mobile (horibble) charged for everything ...now on the brighter side virgin mobile was good i just needed a better phone (more features ..now i'm with verizon (a lil on the expensive side) but great service all over thanx i feel beter lollol lol
    09-09-08 10:12 PM
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    Hmm. I remember when metro came out in cali when I was in high school, and there was this big theory that metro actually meant metro police, and that the cops listened in on the phones on that particular carrier because drug dealers (who use their phones a lot for business) would be attracted to the low-priced unlimited rate.

    I had nextel when I was in highschool so my dad could chirp me whenever he wanted, and I chose vzw when I was 17. I've had them ever since. I'm satisfied with their coverage and cs, although they are a bit pricey.

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    09-09-08 10:19 PM
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    I started out back in 2001 with analog verizon phone, upgraded to a better phone. Switched off to Cingular (cause I had a lot of friends on their network) shifted back to verizon cause of crappy service. Then few family members had the OLD "Pin DropL Sprint. So I switched over to sprint. Service was absolutly horrible!! Went BACK to verizon ( guess the reps are laughing about now). Kept verizon and opened a Nextel Business line for work. I moved into a remote area in southern virginia and supprisingly verizon did not work, T-Mobile did, so I shifted to them for the year I was there. When I moved I came back to verizon... It was the last and final switch.

    I kept each carrier for just about a year. Have no idea and can't remember how many disconnect fees I paid. Most I just transferred the service and phone #'s to a new customer ( no fee)

    That's my fun carrier life!

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    09-09-08 10:32 PM