03-07-11 09:52 AM
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  1. mconte903's Avatar
    Industrial Painter/volly firefighter...Really dont need a blackberry...I just dont like being out of touch!! And with the BB im far from being out of touch!!!
    06-03-09 12:10 AM
  2. jessieats's Avatar
    in school for criminal justice and i work in a call center there is really no need for my berry i had the g1 before this device and a nokia before that idk but i will say this i talked my sister into getting the 8900 and she is in medical coding as a mgr i wont own anything else after this device i love my berry
    06-03-09 12:33 AM
  3. Wouldnt.you.really.like.to.know's Avatar
    Thanks this was very informative
    06-04-09 02:40 PM
  4. bpbrown's Avatar
    and retirement funds.
    06-04-09 03:03 PM
  5. i_hiker's Avatar
    Actually, my Blackberry supports my career...Custom Integration and Automation Specialist.

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    06-05-09 06:03 AM
  6. MimosaToro's Avatar
    I'm a law student, and the office likes having a leash on me and with a BB that works nearly anywhere in the world, they have a really long leash on me that tightens occasionally.

    I'm just not a big fan of the spectre of the 2:00 am email from the attorney I'm working for this summer...
    06-05-09 10:00 AM
  7. ChadsterDroid's Avatar
    I'm a grad student in emergency management, so it's definitely handy to be able to review documents, articles, and papers on the go, while also being able to pull up the Web for some quick reference. As a budding Red Cross volunteer and future volunteer EMT, it's also handy to be reached in so many ways from one device...and again, the mobile Web or GPS comes in handy from time to time.
    06-05-09 10:11 AM
  8. timd28's Avatar
    manufacturers rep.. cover the entire northeast so I can't live without the blackberry
    06-05-09 03:50 PM
  9. DROIDBerryMA's Avatar
    For my day job, I don't need one. I have a storm for personal use and an 8830 for my business, which is tshirt design and printing.

    Why two BlackBerrys? Just to keep myself organized and to have a dedicated number for clients to call me on.

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    06-05-09 03:54 PM
  10. redman124's Avatar
    Im a firefighter. not a must and they dont buy them for us, but are very useful!
    06-05-09 04:02 PM
  11. BBThemes's Avatar
    work for vf, although its only on BIS i use it for work as well as my own, love it when i get an email from uk sales director at half one in the morning, i mean doesnt he sleep!!!!
    06-05-09 04:12 PM
  12. lunglady's Avatar
    Medicine. Doctors LOVE blackberries!
    06-05-09 05:59 PM
  13. ekinwang's Avatar
    options trader in london

    is anyone else into trading, i saw a lame half witt comment about short sell trading by thedirective but by reading his other posts i think he was trying to be provocitive givin the current situation with the globes economy and all.
    Hey.. Not a trader, but work for a inv bank as a project manager. My BB is integral in maintaining close watch on what all of thye celebrities are up to via twitter.

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    06-05-09 06:39 PM
  14. timvideo's Avatar
    I work in TV production. My blackberry is essential because the people that crew me as well as the rest of the crew send out mass emails to see who has availibilty to work different shows, having a blackberry gives me quicker response times allowing me to get booked on more shows. I have a sprint blackberry that provides me free gps which is very helpful navigating to a job site I've never been to.

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    06-05-09 06:41 PM
  15. stilldigging's Avatar
    Territory Manager for Major Wireless Carrier. We all have to carry 2 phones, regular one and PDA. This is by far the best site on the web I have found thus far. I have learned things they don't teach you in the industry.
    06-05-09 06:48 PM
  16. wingsky's Avatar
    ERP Consultant, always good to keep in touch with agents/clients for work!
    06-06-09 06:39 AM
  17. life.in.the.fast.lane's Avatar
    my parents pay for my blackberrys =P
    06-06-09 07:02 AM
  18. Scizootie's Avatar
    Internet Sales Manager at Car Dealership. Being able to check emails all day and write back to the customer instantly has improved my closing by 20%

    I can't believe there isn't more of us on here.

    Internet Sales Manager and my BB is crucial for my response times. About 200 leads a month (single store) and I have a 15 min response time. I sleep with it too (there's another thread on this too, lol) and I get those people that shop for cars at 2,3,4,5 in the morning, grrrrr! lol!

    My work did give me my first BB (8700 from Tmobile, yuk), but with times the way they are, I had to get my own, but I need it to do my job efficiently, so no biggie. I went to Sprint and got a 8330, I LOVE THIS THING!

    This is my 1st post btw, yay!
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    06-06-09 03:14 PM
  19. Gluehorse's Avatar
    I am a Regional Sales Manager whose company adopte AT&T as the carrier, but because I cover the Northeast USA and Eastern Canada, I opted to go with Verizon because they have the Canada Plus plan as an option to their national plan. They are the only one who offers this. Besides, I have traveled with many of my Reps who have AT&T and they suffer through countless dead zones. I have been in the boonies in Canada, and in the USA, and have had good coverage on my BB Storm. Anyway, the choice of a BB for business was a no brainer. I am setting my Storm up to do my Power Point presentations from.
    06-06-09 09:17 PM
  20. freestyla86's Avatar
    I've worked in investment banking, and I am now working for the government. Neither of them let me bring my phone into the office or check my work email on it. It's kind of a pain...but it's understandable.
    06-07-09 01:00 AM
  21. 8310Fan's Avatar
    Work as 2nd assistant mgr in groc. retail & email is helpful to communicate to whoever need to email or give info when away from work
    06-07-09 05:10 AM
  22. noaim's Avatar
    information technology
    06-07-09 05:36 AM
  23. nickandhistreo's Avatar

    Haha, I work in management at UPS and I get update emails throughout the night.

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    06-07-09 08:50 PM
  24. t15roberts's Avatar
    I work for a chain of printing locations. The crackberry is essential to stay connected to sales / HR / operations while I travel from site to site.

    And I can't live without Slacker in the car.
    06-08-09 09:06 PM
  25. localgolfer808's Avatar
    counselor... email and schedule of clients.
    06-09-09 03:40 AM
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