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    Lol I wouldn't be able to pay my bills till I'm 22 years old? So that means I shouldn't have a smartphone till then? That generic answer is so terrible in my opinion. However, no disrespect to you, I just think that if someone wants to go to university (college) and get a master's degree, they'll be focussing on their academics and not on a part-time job, hence they are unable to pay for liabilities till quite some time.

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    No disrespect taken. I believe it's a generation thing. A cell phone is a luxury, in my view, not a necessity. If i wanted a car, a phone, and go to college, I had to find a way to pay for it all. It's how things worked. I wasn't entitled to anything pass the age of 18. *shrug*...

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    I had my first phone in 2nd grade. I shared it with my brother for emergencies only. It was one of my Mom's old Motorola flip phones.

    3rd grade rolls around and my Mom is using a new Motorola RAZR flip phone. I wanted one so bad I saved up the $155 dollars to buy one! My cell phone plan was probably incredibly cheap because I was in 3rd grade and had nobody to talk to. Lol.

    I had that phone for a looong time. I'm very responsible with expensive things, especially when I'm not the one paying for it. When 5th grade rolled around, it still looked like new.

    I then got a blue Motorola KRZR. That phone was great and was just as good as my RAZR!

    6th grade, the iPhone 3G is unveiled. I would salivate at the sight of that phone. My parents told me that if I got good grades all year, they would get me one for my birthday. I got it near the end of the year!

    Eventually I got sick of playing Pocket God and using my Soda Machine application, so I went back to my Motorola KRZR... that's right. I ditched my iPhone for a flip phone. And my Mom had just purchased a new BlackBerry 9700. I was immediately drawn in by the clicky keyboard and flashing red light. My parents were already planning on getting a new phone for my brother, so they let me give him my iPhone and I got a BlackBerry 8900. It was my first and favorite BlackBerry of all time!

    I was then hooked on BlackBerry. When my 8900 stopped charging, my parents got me a Torch 9800. After I lost it in the snow (first phone I've ever lost, it was later recovered by an elementary school student and survived the two weeks in the snow - that thing was a brick!), I got a 9900 when I was a freshman in high school. I kept that until late June 2013 when I got my Q10 as a sophomore/going on junior in high school (16 years old).

    So, I think that a child's behavior and grades should determine if they are worthy to have a smartphone. If they have respect for the gadgets and other things their parents buy for them, than they should receive the rewards.

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