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    ...since I traded in my BB for a Motorola Razr (blasphemy, I know). The only reason I did so was to try help my Dad out a little financially (since we're in an economic crisis and all), so now he doesn't have to pay $30/month for my data (Verizon) + $10/month for my line - now it's just the $10 for my number.
    I really thought I could stick it out and be fine, but I literally think I'm losing my mind. I've been desperately searching for any way to get my email back in my pocket... latest instance: I almost bought an iPod Touch yesterday (Black Friday... huuuge $21 savings), but fortunately realized how insane I was being. I think that would've defeated the whole "saving Dad some money" thing.
    I think I need to ask for the BB back. But I'm a little unsure of how to do this since I willingly gave it up: he didn't approach me about it - I offered to cancel it. I was thinking I could tell him the truth, that I'm really suffering without being connected. The problem is he is really out of touch with modern society: 65 (not that all 65 year olds are out of touch - this one just happens to be), types 3 words per minute (literally the slowest doctor in his hospital), and is still happy with the LG flip phone he got over 3 years ago (not to mention is amazed that it has a camera & doesn't know how to retrieve a text message or use contacts, so he still memorizes phone numbers). Maybe I could tell him that if he reactivated my BB, I'd be willing to start living on a tighter budget & monitor my spending more closely?
    I'm sorry this turned into such a long post, but I'm just looking for some help regarding how I can get out of this Razr situation (that I put myself in... stupid). Thanks for anything you have to offer!
    11-29-08 11:07 AM
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    That was a very nice thing you did for your dad (willingly gave up your BB to help him save money and all) and if I were in your position, I'd probably try and get a job (you didn't mention how old you are). Right now I'm working 2 jobs just to pay for all my toys.

    Even if you're not old enough to work, you can still find some other way to earn income like babysitting, mow the lawn, etc... Every little bit counts.

    Just a thought.
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    11-29-08 11:19 AM
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    you can check how is their a way you can get virgin mobile pre paid for you
    11-29-08 11:42 AM
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    A job is the best way. Pay for your stuff your self, that is of course if you're under 16 years old. If you're 16 and you're not at least paying for your stuff you're doing something wrong. If you really want your BB back you would get a job, work at least 30 hours a week and just get it pre-paid or how tmobile does it, flex pay and just pay off like 3-6 months with your first1-3 checks that way you dont have to worry about it for a while.
    11-29-08 02:50 PM
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    I'm 24 and I have been on a family plan since I was 16. I just got my BB last week but I could onli get it if I paid for the monthly BB plan myself. Maybe you could suggest that?

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    11-29-08 03:31 PM
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    I'm 24 and I have been on a family plan since I was 16. I just got my BB last week but I could onli get it if I paid for the monthly BB plan myself. Maybe you could suggest that?

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    11-29-08 03:32 PM
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    i completely feel your pain. i had my bb shut off so that my mom wouldnt have to pay so much. originally i paid for it since im almost 18 and have a job. When she said she would take over i was so happy. well we ran into some financial trouble and i have been on an LG scoop for about 2 weeks and i cant stand it. im starting to pick more hours up at work so hopefully by christmas i can get it back. like the others have said getting a job helps out a lot and if you have one picking up a couple extra hours a week can do tremendous things.
    Good luck to you on getting your bb back.
    12-02-08 12:33 PM
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    I'm 25, have a great job, drive an 08 Tahoe and usually can get what I want. But if I had to give up my Blackberry I don't know what I would do. I admire you for giving that up as a way to help out your dad. That's obviously more important. But man reading this makes me realize how materialistic I am lol.
    12-02-08 02:58 PM
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    That was REALLY nice of you. I'm going to be honest I wouldn't have done it. So materialistic I know. I guess I say that b/c besides from a place to stay I've been pretty much paying for everything myself. Cell phone, car, etc. I'm 19. Idk what I would do w/o my berry. Even my bf of 2yrs gets jealous b/c I'm on it all the time and soo protective of it. I agree with everyone else. Try to get a job. Good luck and I really hope you get your berry back.

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    12-04-08 09:50 PM
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    Get a job...if the data plan is only 30 bucks (40 including the extra line fee) you can pay that even if you work super part time...like eight hours a week. it's holiday season ... check your mall and see who needs some help

    Good Luck!!

    and i do congratulate you...I don't think i could ever give my berry up.
    12-09-08 05:44 AM