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    Monday afternoon my BlackBerry 8820 was stolen. So as of this moment I have been nearly four days without my phone. I had it shut off within the hour and I called in to the insurance company for the replacement. I followed the tracking numbers, and was Jonesin' so bad for that replacement. I have almost gone into a state of mourning!

    They sent me an 8220 instead! With shaking hands and an overwhelming sense of panic, I called the customer service number and got a very unprofessional customer service rep who said, "Well, we sent you out a 'comparable phone'. Take it up with your provider!" I called my Tmobile affiliate provider (iWireless) and was in a panic. That rep got on the phone with a supervisor and then told me that the 8820 had been discontinued, but they would see about getting me an 8520 BlackBerry Curve, which was a 'step up'. Ummm...no. It most certainly is NOT! In the end I was supposed to call the insurance company again and they would send me out a replacement model - someone had fat fingered it into the system with the wrong phone. I just checked their website now and said it is scheduled to go out.

    I am in the middle of a film production, so my being without my BlackBerry has been an absolutely hellish experience - especially since I have a film crew on the road filming a documentary this week! Honestly, you would think after 11 years of being with my cellphone provider, they would find some way to satisfy me - and they do stilll sell the 8820 on the website. WHY would it be so hard to get me the phone I want rather than trying to stiff me?! For what I paid for my deductible for my BB insurance, I could have bought one off of eBay and had it shipped to me overnight! I still may end up doing that if this fiasco goes on much longer! All of my accessories and add -on's are made for that model of BB, so I wouldn't be just out the money and inconvenience of learning my way a new phone. Someone needs to inform these people that similarity does not connote sameness.

    Anyone got any advice for a hopelessly adddicted person who is ready to lose it?
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    wow man, that really sucks. I hope you can just hol on don't do anything rash like take someone else's Blackberry just to bbm lol. I hope you get your Blackberry as soon as possible i couldn't imagine being 4 days without mine i would snap on someone.
    04-29-10 11:32 PM