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    Not BB specific. But it's been on all the news channels since yesterday. So I thought I'd share.

    Many in the states may want to check their computers. Apple is NOT immune.

    Web could vanish for hordes of people in July, FBI warns
    By Edward Moyer | April 23, 2012

    The FBI is warning that hundreds of thousands of people could lose their internet connections come July, unless they take steps to diagnose and disinfect their computers.

    The problem is related to malware called DNSChanger that was first discovered way back in 2007, which has infected millions of computers worldwide.

    In simple terms, when you type a web address into your browser, your computer contacts DNS (Domain Name System) servers to find out the numerical Internet Protocol (IP) address of the site you're trying to reach, and then it takes you there. DNSChanger fiddled with an infected machine's settings and directed it to rogue servers set up by a crime ring servers that handed out addresses to whatever sites the ring chose.

    As a US attorney said in an FBI press release, the crooks "were international cyberbandits who hijacked millions of computers at will and rerouted them to internet websites and advertisements of their own choosing collecting millions in undeserved commissions for all the hijacked computer clicks and internet ads they fraudulently engineered".

    Late last year, however, the FBI disrupted the ring and seized the rogue servers. And since so many infected computers relied on the servers to reach the internet, the agency opted not to shut them down, and instead converted them to legitimate DNS machines.

    Running the machines costs the government money, though, so they're being switched off in July. If your computer is infected with DNSChanger, then the web for you will no longer exist.

    The DNSChanger Working Group (DCWG), the body set up to oversee the servers, has created a website to help you diagnose your machine, and, if necessary, remove DNSChanger. You can check it out at DCWG | DNS Changer Working Group. And it's probably not a bad idea to do so sometime before, say, 8 July (the DCWG says the servers will be shut down the following day).

    Web could vanish for hordes of people in July, FBI warns - Broadband
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    04-24-12 01:21 PM
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    I wonder if we could aim this specifically at the trolls?
    that would be genius
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    04-24-12 01:31 PM
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    I did a little research and this appears to be true! I thought for sure this would be a false rumor.
    04-24-12 02:10 PM
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    Yes, a close family member with the DOJ directed me to this site so that you can check to see if your computer(s) is/are at risk....

    DCWG | DNS Changer Working Group
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    04-24-12 06:36 PM
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    I wonder if we could aim this specifically at the trolls?
    that would be genius
    +1 That would be pure genius!
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    Y2K part duex, this time it's for real!
    04-25-12 12:43 PM
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    Okay, I tried the link. My computer is directing dns traffic correctly. But it says that I could be infected anyway if my ISP is redirecting DNS traffic for its customers. How do I find out if it is redirecting traffic?

    (And thanks to the op and to others who contributed to this topic with the links.)
    05-29-12 05:56 PM
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    Here's a bit more of it posted a lil' while ago
    05-29-12 07:27 PM
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    Okay I found how to check my DNS settings manually. Here's a link to a paper that explains how:

    DNSChanger Malware
    05-29-12 07:30 PM
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    The botnet, it's a horrible thing.
    05-29-12 07:42 PM
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    ok, so stay of the dirty websites until august. got it.
    05-30-12 10:48 AM