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    so I had a WD 9.5mm 1TB laptop HD fail

    we sent it to them... with a new egg invoice... screenSHU - The fastest screen capture ever.

    Newegg.com - Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD10JPVT 1TB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive

    the model they have sent to us is a 12 mm thick - "WD10TPVT" essentially this Newegg.com - Refurbished: Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD10TPVT 1TB 5200 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

    it doesn't fit into laptops

    it's pretty much a stright crime they are doing

    we send them one more expensive device - for laptops they send back a cheaper inferior device not for laptops

    this is a class action lawsuit

    only a corporation doesn't care

    no one there cares

    I'm only left without a 1TB HD in my machine

    I guess I need to buy a new 1TB laptop drive right now for my money and not sure sure if I have time to install ...

    I'm not sure maybe it's legal what they are doing - due to some fine print ? thus I'm posting and asking here for your take on this...

    thank you...
    05-31-12 10:55 PM