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    Walmart announced it will no longer sell Amazon's Kindle products, despite the growing popularity of e-readers.

    Walmart Drops Kindle, Amazon Inventory - Yahoo! TV

    While the retail giant often trumps competitors in overall sales, Walmart trails Amazon in e-commerce and is working toward bigger online profits.

    "We will continue to offer our customers a broad assortment of tablets, eReaders and accessories at a variety of great price points," a Walmart spokeswoman told TheWrap. "This decision is consistent with our overall merchandising strategy."

    The retailer's decision to drop the Kindle and other Amazon products follows a similar move by Target stores.

    Apple iPads, Barnes & Noble Inc's Nook, Google Inc's Nexus 7 and Samsung's Galaxy Tab will remain on Walmart's shelves and website.

    Amazon did not immediately respond to an inquiry from TheWrap.

    After the move, Walmart will no longer carry Amazon products beyond the store's current purchase commitments and existing inventory.

    09-26-12 01:45 PM
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    Very informative the blue box is going to battle the web wholesaler.
    09-26-12 02:00 PM
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    What is the RIM angle?

    it's not obvious to me from the story?
    09-26-12 02:58 PM