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    I think Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers must have been referring to either the summer season as it dragged on while they longed for autumn to bring them cool weather and football (American style)...

    OR, perhaps were they prophetically referring to all of us in this limbo phase waiting for RIM's BB OS 6. The waiting seems to be getting harder and harder these days. Is it because this summer season seems to be hotter than most, and the heat/humidity is irritating our patience? Is it because those BB treats that kept our attention diverted from this exciting news are not there like we had hoped? Ubertwitter promised to release it's new Beta version to the public and all we hear now are crickets. There are many who still haven't received the coveted SocialScope invite. Several of us just want that new BB device to roll out already so we can get our mitts on it. And there's also a healthy group of us stuck in a contract with a wireless company and it's holding us back from our Crackberry additions; or that sweet device upgrade is just simply too far away.

    Whatever it is, waiting is simply no fun. And yet it's a necessary evil. So what are you most waiting for in your Crackberry world? And what keeps you sane while you wait?
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