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    So here we are, the wait is on for FedEx delivery. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take the day off of work, so here i sit at my desk, waiting for the long day to be over so i can race home to see if it has arrived.

    My room mate has the day off, but he had to go out for the day as well. I left a signed note on the door requesting the delivery guy leave it at the door step. I don't know if FedEx does that or not. (UPS does so i thought I'd try!)

    So the real problem is that if it IS delivered my room mate may try to abscond off with it! It's true! He is so exited about this phone! I've never seen anything like it! He religiously keeps himself informed of all things BB, he watches every interview, reads every article, compares every competitor. He SELLS the blackberry brand everywhere he goes!

    I am, regretfully and shamefully, an admitted blackberry backslider, a prodigal child, who left and ran off with a new phone the moment i saw that shiny apple commercial, i cheated on my storm and left it high and dry without a second glance.

    My room mate however never walked away. He stayed and stuck it out through the tough times when all the new phones showed of their 4G and their fancy apps.
    He wasn't lured away by all the hype, and the shine. He stayed true.
    Now...finally...blackberry has come up with Z10. Wouldn't you know it, my room mate does not have an upgrade on his account. So, I (the back slider who clearly does not deserve it) get the new phone, while my loyal faithful friend has to wait until September.

    I did enter several contests though so maybe i will win a second one to gift to him!

    So...by the end of the day, the FedEx tracker may show delivered, but my new white Z10, may very well be MIA!

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    Goodluck and hope you get yours today. I've had mine for a couple of days now and LOVE IT!!! Like you mentioned not sure if fedex will leave your package and you shouldn't worry about your friend getting the package first but someone else. Again goodluck and enjoy the beautiful Z10!!!
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    03-29-13 01:43 PM

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