1. roastdawgg's Avatar
    I entered my English Bulldog puppy in the Modern Dog Photo Contest and wanted to see if the CrackBerry family could help me vote him up to be top dog! I bet you know someone who would love to see this photo...pass the link along. I only have a week to beat that adorable Basset Hound in the lead.

    Studley | Modern Dog Magazine ~ Urban Lifestyle
    05-06-09 09:24 AM
  2. LDubs's Avatar
    Done! Love the photo!
    05-06-09 09:27 AM
  3. joni4's Avatar
    Done, What an adorable dog. Got my vote!
    05-06-09 09:29 AM
  4. roastdawgg's Avatar
    05-06-09 09:50 AM
  5. asylvia's Avatar
    great pic!
    05-06-09 09:57 AM
  6. roastdawgg's Avatar
    Man you guys have really helped out with your votes...any more people able to help Studley out?
    05-06-09 05:02 PM
  7. SofaKingKev's Avatar
    i just hooked studley up nice pup
    05-06-09 05:23 PM
  8. sodakitty's Avatar
    Voted! . Too cute. And that's a serious compliment from me, because I think English Bulldogs are ugly usually

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    05-06-09 05:38 PM
  9. Username0223's Avatar
    Alright roast! i voted! i voted! and your puppy is absolutely adorable!!!! good luck!

    btw-keep us posted when you win!!!!
    05-06-09 06:04 PM
  10. roastdawgg's Avatar
    Sweet...a handful more votes and he is on the first page of contestants.
    05-06-09 06:42 PM
  11. sodakitty's Avatar
    Voted twice, just for fun. Good luck!
    05-06-09 07:32 PM
  12. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Voted - from both computers
    05-06-09 08:45 PM
  13. BergerKing's Avatar
    Handsome pup and a cute pic. Ya got my vote!

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    05-07-09 02:59 AM
  14. d-tech007's Avatar
    voted, Good Luck !!!!
    05-07-09 03:03 AM
  15. roastdawgg's Avatar
    sweet...he is moving up in the rankings and is now on the front page!
    05-07-09 01:25 PM
  16. Username0223's Avatar
    That is awesome roast!!! Come on Studley!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-07-09 01:27 PM
  17. CROWNontherocks's Avatar
    Love the english bully! Best of luck to you.

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    05-10-09 01:54 PM
  18. fiveonethird's Avatar
    From one English Bulldog owner to another...I voted for your little guy!
    05-11-09 10:35 AM
  19. magicman1692000's Avatar
    got my vote. thats a great pic
    05-11-09 05:03 PM