1. Shao128's Avatar
    A different kind of vote this time... but definitely something Netflix deserves to win.

    Worst Company In America Round One: Netflix Vs. GameStop - The Consumerist
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    03-16-12 12:24 PM
  2. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    I've had Netflix for years, and really don't care if I ever get a PlayBook app, but their consistent plan of screwing over their customers as well as the lack of new titles is pushing me to the edge of canceling. I have an Amazon Prime account, and it's getting better by the day. Always adding new things, unlike Netflix who is constantly losing titles.
    03-16-12 12:28 PM
  3. Rootbrian's Avatar
    I have no intentions of getting netflix because I have rogers on-demand. So there is no need for it.
    03-18-12 12:47 AM
  4. SCrid2000's Avatar
    Gamestop? Really? Why Gamestop?
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    03-21-12 09:20 PM
  5. StaticFX's Avatar
    I am canceling my netflix today... had it for 4 months and cant stand the fact that they NEVER HAVE ANYTHING NEW!!! their "new releases" are tv shows.... and old movies!
    Its great if you want to watch movies from the 80's..... but thats it
    03-22-12 07:42 AM