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    I've been seeing a Samsung commercial advertising its voice activated answering feature. You know, the one with the female saying "reject" to her boyfriend's phone call and the call ends. Later in the commercial, the phone rings again but this time her friend says "reject" and the phone rejects the call but this time it was the phone owners mother.

    I think voice recognition and activated features/apps are cool, however; I can definitely see voice features becoming a HUGE FAIL in years to come, unless the recognition aspect of the technology improves.

    What the commercial showed me was a glimpse into the future. Probably within the next year or two, every phone manufacturer will have voice features which will lead to probably 7 of 10 people will have a mobile phone with the feature. The commercial demonstrated that anyone can command your phone through voice, whether it's yours or not.

    Imagine trying to use a voice feature in a heavily crowded place with a lot of chatter. The chatter can definitely be a huge interference in communication with your device. It could either not recognize what you are trying to say, or launch apps that you don't want to.

    Yes, they are a huge selling point right now, but I wouldn't be so fast to get a phone just because it has voice features. You may find yourself more frustrated when using it when needed the most (driving or when youre on the move).

    So inclusion, manufacturers should shift their focus to true recognition of the voice - tones, pitches, the articulation.
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    08-09-12 08:59 AM