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    Am i the only person on the CB forum to notice how many trolls,vogons(far too much attention to detail, little or no manners! ) and, with the on coming arrival of 10.3,Lazy people who only want to use one finger once to do everything?
    Come on people, nose picking aside, we have 8fingers and 2thumbs to use, get some exercise!!
    STOP moaning that you may have to put your bag down to switch your phone to meeting mode!
    Stop moaning that your BlackBerry app could be done just as well as an iAndroid app!(or just use your iAndroid and stop trolling here!!)
    Do NOT stop enjoying your BlackBerry for the Awsome bit of Pocket tech that it is!!!
    Rant over

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    05-08-14 08:12 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    I agree to some extent. But, everyone is entitled to their opinions, not everyone is going to like the features. It's just different strokes for different people.
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    05-09-14 12:22 PM

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