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    So this is the one thread that all of us Viddler's should be able to share each other's channel on.

    I'll start off with mine: http://www.viddler.com/rootbrian/

    It is also a small community, 10% of youtube's size, it's growing slow and steady like RIM is. Only problems you'll notice/experience is spam in video comments, but nothing more.

    Now it is your turn to share yours. Viddler is used by quite a number of blackberry users such as myself, including geeks and tech experts.


    EDIT: I searched, didn't find a megathread, so felt like there should be one like there's a ton of other great/not so great threads that amuse everyone's mind in ways nobody can describe properly

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    Viddlers staff are absolutely clueless baning people for no9nsense reasons not deleting spam comments etc.

    At youtubes team take illigal content and comments off quickly.
    07-08-10 09:26 AM