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    I've gone back and forth on what story to tell on this thread. For whatever reason Valentines day normally spells doom and gloom for me in some "I'll will be laughing at this when I look back on it" kinda way.

    So last year I was newly separated and my wonderful friend thought it would be good to fix me up. All she would tell me was he was mid 40's, in good shape, brown hair, brown eyes. She knew he worked and lived in one of the nicer neighborhoods in my town. I've should have known to walk away at the lack of detail.

    So we met that night at a great restaurant and were having a fabulous time. He had brought me flowers and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. My friend was right, he was good looking and overall a great guy. I will leave out the details to keep this short but I was impressed.

    About 45 mins into the dinner a woman approached our table looking rather furious. Apparently she was this man's girlfriend who he had spoken to in a week. Why she was at a nice restaurant on Valentines Day I don't know. So they begin to argue while I am sitting there as the rest of the diners began to look to see what is going on. The woman reaches back and slaps him across the face and starts screaming. The police were called and she was detained but I spent the rest of the evening giving a statement and then headed home. In the end he didn't get my number and we didn't see each other again.

    Anyone else?
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    I'll be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary...
    01-14-09 09:31 AM
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    My parents celebrate the 34 year mark on the 12th. I hope my marrage lasts that lng and longer.
    01-15-09 03:35 PM
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    I started a pretty long response, but figured I'd clear off and condense things a bit.

    Sounds like quite a train wreck! As a guy, I'll say that was a pretty raucous scene. Glad it wasn't me, I'd had quite enough of that kind of drama from my first marriage; the one where I learned' what not to do when choosing a wife'.

    Truly 'available' guys in that range, with the description provided, are pretty rare. If you find one, take time to find out what strings or baggage you'll have to deal with.

    I waited a year after my 'D' before even thinking about dating. Had to get back in touch with "me". I web dated and chatted with some women later on with so-so results. I evaluated that and became inspired to place my own ad, and make it different from the rest. Not just a bio aka;shopping list.

    I spoke out to a woman, the woman. I received many replies, and it didn't take long for her to answer me.

    Our first date lasted through closing time at the restaurtant. We had our bubble, and time flew by.Four hours was an eyeblink. I walked her to her car, we hugged, and we parted .

    18 months to the day of our first e-mail, we stood before friends and family, and united as one. We took two halves of our bad marriages and made one good one. Our 7th anniversary is coming soon, and each day renews our commitment.

    So, it's not real short, but no need to give up hope either. And hey, you found out firsthand why P.I.s call Valentine's Day 'Payday!'

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