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    So my current Linksys wrt160n (something like that) wireless N router keeps dropping the connection multiple times a day. The main internet modem from my isp is connected to the internet but the problem is with the stupid router and the only way to fix it is reset all settings to factory settings and re-configure from scratch which has become annoying when you have to do it atleast 2ice a day. Have tried updating the firmware but that didn't help either so I decided to get rid of the POS and get a better one. I have a 25Mbp internet connection so I need suggestions on which is the best one to get with a reasonable price. Thanks to all of your help.

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    A couple quick questions...

    Cable modem from ISP? If so, have you verified the signal strength being delivered to your cable modem.

    Are you using the cable modem from the ISP or did you buy and register one with your web provider?

    How many devices connect through your router?

    What security protocol are you employing on your router?

    Is it only your phone dropping the connection or other devices also?


    My initial guess is that you have multiple devices being turned off and on over a period of time and you are getting address conflicts from residual addresses on an attempted reconnect at a later time. this can happen when the router automatically (default setting) assigns the device addresses. Have you tried assigning fixed addresses to each device you want to have router access... ?

    In my experience, routers rarely malfunction without incoming signal issues or address conflicts.
    09-26-11 01:52 PM
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    More came to me to ask you...

    Have you tried changing the cat5 cable betwixed the modem and the router... when this is the problem it is insidiously simple but often overlooked as the culprit....

    Also, when you hard connect with a cat5 out of the modem (if you have tried that), does the connection also drop in that case?
    09-26-11 02:01 PM
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    Have you made sure your current router which is a good one is up to date with the latest firmware?
    I use my own Motorola Surfboard Modem myself along with the newest Netgear router. Netgear has just always been my prefernce with the Modem I mentioned.

    Having said all that and if you modem is firmware up to date then I would try a Netgear and they are priced right. I just bought the newest version at Bestbuy for $34.95 and what I like about it is that I do not keep the WIFI on unless I am home and going to use it. With one push of a button on the side it is on. It also has a side button to install your passcode from your router right into whtever WIFI device you are hooking up so you don't have to do it manually. Good luck and hope you resove your problem.
    09-26-11 02:08 PM