11-12-12 02:55 PM
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  1. psparks's Avatar
    Nice balanced comment. I am new to this and I am committed to bb. Looking forward to the bb10
    10-13-12 10:33 AM
  2. aha's Avatar
    The so called January launch was totally fabricated. When this rumor just came out, Kevin put it on CB headline, but later that week RIM reconfirmed Q1 instead of January timeline. So this one is on Media, not on RIM.
    10-13-12 10:42 AM
  3. Skizzity's Avatar
    I just got word today that I'm a "pretty neat guy". Thank you, that is all.

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    10-14-12 02:59 PM
  4. cyberjunkie1's Avatar
    Sorry to revive the topic, but got a text today saying it'll be end of January now. I also saw an article saying this as well.


    So I was wrong and so was my source who just re-stated the release date, or release date, or the unveiling date. Looking forward to it, I'm hoping its as good and even better than OS2.1. I hope they release the OS for the playbook then as well.
    11-12-12 02:55 PM
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