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    *Hugs theguitarplayer*

    I can dig your differing opinion - so come on; can't we all just get along?

    *Starts singing random John Lennon song*
    07-28-11 05:25 PM
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    Maybe someone should start a thread, PlayBook Friendly Routers, if his issue is wide spread, finding a solution quick is a must, you can't use it without the WiFi setup...

    Brand, Model, Wireless Speed (g, a, n), Security Protocol
    Netgear, WNDR3700, a, WPA2

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    07-28-11 06:02 PM
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    Look, I develop solely for Blackberry but I can even admit that the iPad2 is a SOLID and SMOOTH device. Do you know why it's a solid device?

    Apple most probably has a HUGE amount of developers and testers, probably upto 3 times as much as RIM or even more. They are using parts of the iPhone OS and iPad 1 OS which has been tested very throughly by many consumers.

    RIM is using a whole new OS and using probably NOTHING from the old BB OS. It's just not going to be stable from the start. If RIM where to have made the QNX OS completely stable then the playbook probably wouldn't be out till next year.
    07-28-11 06:14 PM
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    Few things to keep in mind with wireless issues, you NEED to adhere to the wireless N standard if you want to use WPA2. WPA2 with TKIP is a bad idea, it was the standard that was cracked a while ago. AES is part of the wireless N standard for encryption and it has no problem with the PB.

    I have seen numerous problems with poorly configured security settings causing all kinds of oddness, from dropped packets, to dropped clients, malformed data, etc. My experience has been once it's setup to a "standard" configuration, everything works smooth as butter.

    Here's a few sites that show what I'm talking about, and that to truly get N speeds, you need WPA2/AES as your encryption method.

    Fast Wi-Fi's little secret - you have to turn on WPA2 encryption - War on Error - Blogs - Technology Blog and Community from IT Experts - Techworld.com

    The 802.11n wireless LAN does not achieve full line rate performance - ThinkPad

    Full Speed 802.11n Needs WPA2 + AES | Boydo's Tech Talk

    There's quite a few others, but if you're using TKIP on a N network, you're not doing yourself any favors.
    07-28-11 06:30 PM
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    i think i heard somewhere about a problem like that,problem was the wifi router.The pb has a problem with the wpa2 encryption of some routers and just keeps up locking up the data transfer from time to time,workaround is to switch from wpa2 to wep i think,but not quite sure.
    But maybe its something totaly different

    I had similar issues and foolishly exchanged a PB for this. All along it was my router. If you can test it on another network that should tell you where the problem lies. For me the browsing was being blocked on this device specifically while everthing else works. Who is your provider?
    07-28-11 06:50 PM
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    Honestly, I think the screen is stunning. Perhaps because it is larger makes it seem better. The PB screen was wonderful as well. Has only one speaker, and sounds decent. Never listened to the PB speaker, it wouldn't hold an internet connection longer than 4 minutes at a time without locking up.

    Really did not want to be another ipad drone, but I am really impressed with it's fluidity, ease of use, overall smoothness.
    You mean PB's 2 speakers? How do you get stereo out of one speaker I wonder?

    Yes bigger could be more impressive but try comparing the contrast - whiter whites, blacker blacks is what makes PB display look so "crisp", if that's the right word. Perhaps also closer packed pixels...I did this comparison next to an HTC flyer both showing white screens - no comparison. HTC looked dingy, with a color tint. Blacks were closer to dark grey.

    Not sure you should be blaming the lockups on PlayBook as clearly not everyone has this problem - I never have, other than with the first OS before upgrading.

    My router is just an old - (ten years old?) linksys BEFSX41 firewall VPN router with an attached Linksys WAP54g wireless access point...works great.
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    and update: got tired of dealing with the PB and returned it. Got the ipad2 on the 28th of june. A whole world of difference. So fast, so smooth, love it. No issues. I came here and see page after page of issues, temporary fixes, try this, try that....life is too short. No I'm not a troll, but seriously, there is no comparison.
    Closed. Not sure how this went on this long.
    07-28-11 07:37 PM
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