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    Non-BB related issue but can't seem to find help anywhere with this...

    I can not post photos on Twitpic by email... not from my phone or from my laptop. The photos never show up on my Twitpic account. I have tried changing the PIN but it doesn't help. I've checked and double checked that I am sending to the right email address (even copy/pasted it right off my account) but nothing works.

    I CAN post to Twitpic via direct upload from the site on my laptop, as well as through the Twitpic function on the BB Twitter app. However, it's the email option I really need.

    The Twitpic website has very limited FAQ, and isnt answering emails. On Twitter, both @twitpic and @noaheverett have their messaging option disabled. The Twitpic blog I found hasnt been updated since last year apparently.

    I didn't think I would have this much trouble getting help for such a widely used service...

    Anyone have any suggestions since apparently Twitpic itself isn't going to help me?
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