1. Taz.'s Avatar
    please delete this.
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    12-15-11 06:07 PM
  2. Chrisy's Avatar
    Says a lot about BlackBerry owners too.
    12-15-11 06:10 PM
  3. Taz.'s Avatar
    Of course I am a blackberry owner but I own some Apple products too. I may of sounded like if I bashed apple, but he just got me pissed..
    12-15-11 06:14 PM
  4. s7khan's Avatar
    I stopped reading at "Ur gay boys"
    12-15-11 06:33 PM
  5. Taz.'s Avatar
    Lol it looked like a never-ending story.
    If he just got you pissed, let him be, be the better man.
    Like you've said you realized half way, you could be talking to a "10 year old kid"
    Because some people will never ever understand or are way too stubborn to get it.
    And it wasn't word reading for me, no offence taz.
    It was just another bashing to each other fight.
    Let him live in the fantasy world, be the better player.
    Eventually you can go on forever bashing each other, but you actually don't get anything out of it
    Fanboys will always try to defend their products no matter what.
    Fanboys always exists, i don't care about that.
    Aslong if i'm happy with my products i don't feel like bashing another product.
    Like chrisy520 said, " says alot about blackberry owners too "
    But i'm not someone like that, i love my products as how they are.
    pro's and con's will be always there for each individual person.
    That's why we are different, do you think the world is perfect?
    With us the human being controlling the world? I don't think so.
    In our world nothing is perfect for each person, everything can be better.
    People always have something to say, even if it's near perfect or perfect.
    That's how we people are, we'd love to do that..
    In the start, i wasnt there to bash him. Just informing him, but it turned out into bashing each other when he started using words i didint like much .. get it ..?
    12-15-11 08:13 PM
  6. Taz.'s Avatar
    Ofcourse, I agree with you, but I was there "studying"... I just had to reply to his stupid comments.. especially when he said that the iphone is better because it has better video capacity...
    12-15-11 09:34 PM