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    I recently came across a site called the Transformation Archive. They have a couple hundred stories on transformation. Ranging from mythical beasts, to the other sex (most men changing into women, they are quite detailed if you know what I mean).

    Here's a story for anyone who is interested. It's about this 25 y/o man, who accidentally gets transformed into his Co-Worker's 17 y/o busty niece, through DNA transfusion.

    Here's the link.
    07-05-08 06:44 PM
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    okay--tell the truth--did you write it?

    all I can say is "what?"

    Whatever floats your boat man. Its all good.
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    07-05-08 06:48 PM
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    whaaaaaaaaaat was that rofl
    07-05-08 09:25 PM
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    So what does everyone think of the story?
    07-05-08 09:46 PM