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    Just a note to my fellow BB fans in the GTA (Toronto, Ontario). If you like the music soundtrack behind the new "Keep Moving" Z10 commercials we've all seen...

    The band in question, Tame Impala, is playing the Kool Haus in Toronto this Saturday, March 9th. Loved the music on the commercial, I'm in! If you haven't seen the commercial, or heard their music, here's a YouTube link. Would be great to see other BB10 users in attendance! Anyway, FYI!

    EDIT: It would also be great to see Android and iPhone fans as well... =) ALL fans of the music are welcome imo, and I'm sure the band agrees...


    Tame Impala, March 9, 2013
    The Guvernment Entertainment Complex Toronto – Tame Impala with The Growl
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