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    Today is the day I have owned all major CURRENT mobile operating systems. My first smartphone was an LG Incite running Windows Mobile 6.1 that I bought in 2009. The phone was great but the resistive screen lost accuracy quickly and had cheap build quality (3MP AF cam was good though). The 528 Mhz QComm CPU AND 128 mhz chugged along (especially on WM6.5) This was just before AT&T put the mandatory data plan rule on smartphones.

    I got a Blackberry Bold 9000 (second hand) in 2011 from a family member. The phone was great BUT it lacked the RAM (I loved the microSD card though) but processing speed was sufficient on BB OS 5. I developed a few themes for BB. A theme for OS 6 and OS 5 to make the OS look like OS 7 (also known as Aurora7). The BB died a sudden death. (The screen faded out white and never turned on again. The battery works fine though)

    After this I spent time clicking and clicking on HP's website trying to order a 16 GB HP Touchpad from the fire sale in August. It took me weeks to get it but I got it. It was a nice tablet that got a few updates and multitasking was the best I'd ever seen on a mobile OS. It was a little buggy though. I installed Android CM7, then CM9 onto the Touchpad to really get some of its full potential (CM9 was buggy, still no camera but the CPU/GPU are really used to their full power).

    Few months later, I bought a Windows Phone unlocked from Amazon. My LG Quantum. It's my current phone. The best device I've ever had. Smooth, fast, easy to use, somewhat hackable. Sometimes I've had a few crashes with it but it's still great.

    My latest device is the new iPad (read: iPad 3). The device is fast on iOS 5 and display is great on games like Asphalt 7 and Real Racing 2 HD. Some controls are a bit stupid like having to exit out of built in apps to go into settings to change a setting. This is instead of having a settings button inside of the app linking to the settings menu (like IE 9 in WP7.5)

    So, now I have owned all devices and I really can't be biased to one device because they're all great (Android to a lesser extent) and they have their own pros and cons

    Thanks for reading!
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    07-30-12 10:04 PM