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    Okay...I realize that the BB crowd may not be into this and if the thread dies quickly such is life...but has anyone ever owned a Badazz car? Like one with way more power than makes sense?
    If so, help me out and list it here...I'll start the list with my most Badazz of cars:

    1969 Ford Torino GT, 428 Cobra-Jet, 4-Speed, 3.73 Posi, 780 Holley Double Pumper, Zoom 3500# Clutch, Mallory Dual Point Ignition, Factory Headers into Cherry Bombs, L-50 15" Cheater Slicks and it ran an honest 13.50 second quarter mile at the Beeline Dragway in Mesa, AZ in 1976.

    Run what you brung, let's hear it.
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    2001 Honda Civic! Lol, that's the only car I've ever owned. My dad owned a 69 Chevelle though. And a nice Mazda(Can't remember the model)
    02-28-10 10:45 PM
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    The father-in-law has a '70 Buick GS w/ 455 big block in it. Hes had it since he was 18 years old. Right now it is an all out drag car, but he still has the original parts for it to return it to stock. This car runs high 10's in the quarter mile here at o'reilly raceway park in Indianapolis.
    02-28-10 10:59 PM
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    Ford Taurus?
    02-28-10 11:02 PM
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    Man I can get my skateboard up to like 15mph on a good day. =]
    02-28-10 11:56 PM
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    1985 Plymouth Reliant, with 2.2L, yup its a Kcar. With slight exaust mods, it is now a toy. It made that big of a difference... So, I did it again to an 88 Town Car. It did the same thing. So I put stiffer springs in it and good tires on it. Now it drives in the twisty roads like a big Honda. Not even a wheel squeal. Oh great, another toy!

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    03-01-10 04:34 AM
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    I've driven all kinds of cars but nothing that impressive.

    1972 Caddilac DeVille with a 402ci (I think) V8, all stock. Bought it from an old lady who used it as a grocery-getter since she bought it back in 72. Only had 52k original miles when we bought it. Ugliest color green you've ever seen.

    1974 Mercedes unleaded, can't remember the model. V8, can't remember the specs either but that car was awesome. Ton of fun to drive but just way too expensive to maintain.

    1994 Toyota Pickup extended cab base model, 2.3L 4 cyl. Really basic truck but I loved it. Ran like it was brand new till the day I wrecked it.

    1993 Mazda MX6, my favorite of all vehicles I've owned. 2.5 V6 with full exhaust (Borla cat back, custom headers, "test-pipe"), lowered on Eibach Pro-kit, KYB gas struts, front and rear strut tower braces. Completely blacked out with graphite-colored wheels, fully loaded, power everything, supple leather, the most comfortable seats you'll ever sit in I guarantee it. Not the fastest car in the world but you could turn on a dime and it never bottomed out, ever.

    Only problems were with the drivetrain, FWD is just a waste for a car with a large engine (relative to the size of the car) plus the tranny made the engine compartment VERY cramped. Also, the ATX gave out at about 150k and it just wasn't practical to fix so it got chunked. God I miss that car so much.

    Currently driving a 2002 Ford Focus ZX3 and I hate it. Cheap car, made almost completely of plastic. Extrememly uncomfortable car, way too tall and seats sit way too high and are also uncomfortable, seatbelt sits in an awkward position no matter how it's adjusted.

    I bought it already modded, full exhaust, lowered on no-name ebay springs, stock struts (terrible ride) bunch of other small mods. Only thing I added was a CAI w/ K & N filter. The only good thing I can say about the car is it's relatively quick off the line, no top end tho.

    That's it. I've driven a couple other really fast cars but I'm always broke and can't afford to get one of my own. Maybe one day...
    03-01-10 11:03 AM