1. christopherp's Avatar
    Okay this may come across as goofy, but with the increasing 'green' outlook of America I was wonderin if there was such a device...
    I spend 15,000 miles a year riding all over hill and dale on my Mt. Bike using my BBerry (bluetooth, earbuds and handsfree) for work and play.
    Is there a device that I can hook up to my bike that will keep my battery charged as I ride? In the old days there was this funky unit that kept the light illuminated on my Schwinn Varsity but it was heavy, bulky and inefficient.
    Is there such a device to keep my BBerry charged or is this a 'niche' market waiting to be exploited?
    P.S. Fisher Mountain Bikes Rule!
    03-02-10 04:15 PM
  2. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    Never heard of such a device but it's certainly not impossible to make one.

    Rig up a system of rotating and stationary electro-magnets attached to one of the hubs (probably front) to generate power and attach a charger to it...

    I'm not mechanically inclined so I have no idea how to do that but it is hypothetically possible.
    03-02-10 04:20 PM