08-26-08 03:42 AM
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  1. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    **** I'll talk with you it's helps me stay up, I should have never took this overtime but I know I won't be complaining when I see it on my check!
    08-26-08 01:47 AM
  2. BerryLatina's Avatar
    Blocked? Welcome to my world!!

    I'm surprised I still have access to CB...
    08-26-08 01:48 AM
  3. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    yeah me to! it's so hard to stay up doing what I do!
    08-26-08 01:49 AM
  4. BerryLatina's Avatar
    You must be night shift...its 9 am here ...
    08-26-08 01:52 AM
  5. crs7088's Avatar
    Yeah I know for real! I only feel better if i have a big fat check in my hands. lol But then im to tired to do anything with it lol
    08-26-08 01:52 AM
  6. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    You must be night shift...its 9 am here ...
    yes tonight I'm here from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. I pikced up some ot! I normally work wed- sat. 11 p.m. to 9:30 a.m. 4 days on 3 off
    08-26-08 02:00 AM
  7. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    Yeah I know for real! I only feel better if i have a big fat check in my hands. lol But then im to tired to do anything with it lol
    same here I put in alot of ot, one week I have a total of 94.5 hours here!
    08-26-08 02:02 AM
  8. crs7088's Avatar
    WOW! thats alot of hours I think I would shoot myself since no one is ever working with me lol
    08-26-08 02:07 AM
  9. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    yeah it's bad when you show up to work on your day off, plus i don't live that far so there is times when I'm off and i go to the store and on my way home I ull into the parking lot forgeting It's not time for me to go to work!
    08-26-08 02:09 AM
  10. crs7088's Avatar
    Same here! lol I live like one minute away if your driving which is nice since gas is so expensive!
    08-26-08 02:11 AM
  11. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    yeah i use my blazer it only cost me $20 dollars a week, that's including the running around I do when I'm off so that's not bad I keep the charger at home for the weekends!
    08-26-08 02:15 AM
  12. crs7088's Avatar
    Mine isnt even that much I only fill up once a month an its like 35-40$!
    08-26-08 02:17 AM
  13. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    I'm just hoping that the prices will go down I can't take not being able to pay what I'm paying in gas now. One can only wish!
    08-26-08 02:32 AM
  14. crs7088's Avatar
    Im sure everyone wishes gas would go down, its killing us all slowly...
    08-26-08 02:34 AM
  15. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    Yeah I have a hemi and she likes to drink that gas up
    08-26-08 02:37 AM
  16. crs7088's Avatar
    Yeah there gas suckers like crazy!!!!
    08-26-08 02:43 AM
  17. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    gotta to love them though! I want to buy another one
    08-26-08 02:48 AM
  18. crs7088's Avatar
    Well I would rather have a huge truck. But thats just me
    08-26-08 03:06 AM
  19. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    i would but then everyone i know would ask for a ride!
    08-26-08 03:32 AM
  20. crs7088's Avatar
    Id be like back up off me! haha. jk. It would help since roads are terrible here an mess up your cars tires!
    08-26-08 03:37 AM
  21. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    Yeah the roads here are not rim friendly
    08-26-08 03:39 AM
  22. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    Those sorry basstards!!! No they didn't have the nerve to do that to a CB member!! It's revolt time!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    Yes it's time for a strike!
    08-26-08 03:42 AM
47 12