09-27-08 11:19 AM
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  1. Jbel's Avatar
    practice makes perfect!!
    04-09-08 08:21 PM
  2. DJJeff's Avatar
    I caught myself kind of doing this today and thought "I really need to put this thing down"..so funny..I'm not that good at it evidently because I ran into a closed glass door with people on the inside looking at me.

    I'm so glad I found this site. Now I realize I'm not alone.

    I'm going to practice text-walking tonight.
    04-09-08 08:24 PM
  3. Jbel's Avatar
    wow dat sux, that almost happened to me once with a light post, since then, i tx and walk, while glancing here and there, like wen i'm done sending my messages lol
    04-09-08 08:33 PM
  4. Jbel's Avatar
    Walking through wall street and most of the city is no problem. When I first started though I said hello to a trash can. Now that I think about it a lot of people on wall street walk head down face in berry lol!

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    it's not that bad, i just make sure to walk on the right side of the sidewalk, to prevent bumping into people, i hate when people walk on their left side, it conflicts with my berry time, and it's quite annoying to have to do that little "dance" with people because they wanna deviate from their side of the sidewalk.
    04-10-08 02:01 AM
  5. Duvi's Avatar
    I don't walk much.
    04-10-08 07:22 AM
  6. Blacklatino's Avatar
    I text when I'm shopping
    04-10-08 10:01 AM
  7. mrs.d's Avatar
    04-10-08 08:57 PM
  8. crackberryaddiction's Avatar
    I do this all the time. I even drive and text....bad bad bad I know..but hey I'm addicted! ;] Thank goodness for my full qwerty!
    04-11-08 07:22 PM
  9. Ike Bee's Avatar
    I would probably walk like a kid with a candy bar, REAL SLOW!! At work, I c pple do it all the time. Only seen 3 bump into things like glass doors and posts. It was hilarious!!

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    05-14-08 05:32 PM
  10. r3g's Avatar
    i do everything while texting -_-
    05-14-08 09:47 PM
  11. mzshey2x's Avatar
    if you live in new york, i think you have to master texting while doing everything i do it while i walk all the time!
    05-15-08 08:41 AM
  12. Msmari's Avatar
    Do all the time!!! My friends always try to say one day your going to bump, fall ,trip etc. I tell them that they mad because they cant do it!! lol
    05-15-08 09:27 AM
  13. carmenpilar's Avatar
    Well I have to sayI have caught myself walking and texting, not good when you have been preaching to your friends about them texting and not paying attention to you(oops)
    05-16-08 01:28 PM
  14. petepop's Avatar
    guilty too, almost got hit by cars couple of times..... never walked into things tho. will certainly happen this summer
    05-30-08 11:05 AM
  15. khelena13's Avatar
    Yup. I can type without looking too much, have to go back and fix a few typos. Haven't bumped into anyone, tripped over anything, or ran into anything yet.
    05-30-08 11:28 PM
  16. KAD523's Avatar
    I walk fast, type fast, and I don't even have to look @ the BB...I've mastered the keyboard...

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    05-31-08 03:50 PM
  17. CTenn's Avatar
    There's no way I could do this with my curve, a traditional keypad with predictive text was much easier to do, though much slower

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    05-31-08 03:55 PM
  18. kemanichole's Avatar
    Living in NY, I've also mastered the art of "text n' walk", Penn Station was my training ground lol
    07-31-08 04:49 PM
  19. Mikez_Curve's Avatar
    Ive used the headset, to talk, text, and walk at the same time... Ive ran into so many things, its not even funny, people stare but ehh, who cares, its not like in 10 years, theyre gonna be like, "look its that kid with the bb"... So yeah... But ive gotten used to it... Its weirdly fun O_o
    08-01-08 04:04 PM
  20. gdasilva16's Avatar
    i walk while text all the time. haha it's hilarious cuz mad people look at me and think i'm stupid.
    08-14-08 06:36 PM
  21. shwy's Avatar
    I'm REALLY good at walking and texting, i do it all the time. Out of the corner of my eye I can see where I'm walking.
    09-27-08 11:19 AM
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