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    There are auxiliary characters racing to-and-fro (a gentleman with electronic bugs named Firefly, Storm Shadow's cousin Curse and the shape-moving baddie Zartan), yet they obscure as one. Viewers who acted like an adult on the 1980s enlivened "G.I. Joe" sequence and its subsidiary trinkets might know the players without a scorecard, however its disputable if they'll burrow the odd cluster of '80s references, from "the snappier-picker-upper" to "Every living soul Needs to Run the Planet" to the Clapper.
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    Others may discover the gravely shot activity scenes that head Jon M. Chu ("Venture Up 2: The Avenues") gives without thrills. There is one centerpiece scene on a mountainside that is cool and innovative, with groups of Joes and Cobra ninjas speeding along lines and bashing one another at towering altitudes.Other lightning-quick highlights: Johnson's angled eyebrows and Willis' jests throughout a cameo. At first, Tatum's character was killed off at a young hour in this motion picture, yet the character's star was climbing and he consented to a touch more time. In the wake of persevering the grandiose, senseless "Countering," its clear why one may not need to stay around too long.An assault in Pakistan did by the abhorrent conglomeration Cobra and its officer, conveniently named Cobra Authority, obliterates "the Joes." Barricade, Woman Jaye and Stone interface with the definitive "Joe," formally regarded as Gen. Joe Colton (Bruce Willis).
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    Their hypothesis is that the U.S. President (Jonathan Pryce) is a Cobra impostor who'll nuke the planet, so Colton and maverick ninja Storm Shadow assist out. Like the initial G.I. Joe film, there is a schizophrenic divide between the musclebound army Joes World Health Organization relish butch fighting and their covert ninja brethren World Health Organization partake in disciplined samurai coaching in zen Japanese gardens. G.I. Joe 2: revenge ne'er resolves the weird dynamic however simply keeps adding a lot of characters. Then again, not all the leads build it to the climax.Carrying abundant of the load square measure Johnson, Adrianne Palicki (as the token hot feminine soldier) and Korean star Lee Byung-hun (reprising the role of Storm Shadow). Lee's main showcase square measure his sculptured abs, whereas Johnson, Tatum and Willis check walking penises in muscle shirts.A lot of plot events build no sense, however a minimum of they're not as nuts because the movie's ideology. G.I. Joe 2: revenge offers a typical dumb action flick world with Fox News wisecracks however is one long promotional video for the pro-gun lobby

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