1. csierra72#CB's Avatar
    I don't know what device he's using but this is ridiculous.

    This Is How We Roll In India Video
    09-07-08 07:35 PM
  2. Ub3RdoRK's Avatar
    ive texted on my motorcycle before.....

    at a stop light
    09-14-08 11:15 AM
  3. robs5788's Avatar
    I thought texting and driving was bad but on a motercycle that scares the **** out of me

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    09-14-08 12:01 PM
  4. bx2md's Avatar
    sounds crazy and dangerous
    09-14-08 07:11 PM
  5. exelant's Avatar
    Newa reports this morning say the engineer of the commuter train that recently crashed was texting when he blew past a stop and hit that freight train.

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    09-15-08 09:14 AM
  6. dj_hobbes's Avatar
    Wow!! I can't even comment how stupid that guy is.
    09-15-08 09:17 AM