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    I will make quick, only 8 min. to Season II episode 5.

    For the uninitated, Lena Headley, Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker have brought the story back to life.

    Who's your favorite Terminator,

    Summer Glau or Shirley Manson?

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Wiki - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
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    That was awesome, limited commercial interruptions, thanks to the Dodge RAM crew. Awesome commercials to, I had to hold it for a full hour.

    Reese: 50 caliber, Tungsten core, armor piercing incendiary.

    Conner: Will it stop it?

    Reese: No, but it will make it rethink it's life choices.

    Male terminators, Owain Yeoman and Garret Dillahunt.

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    The original terminators, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Patrick and Kristanna Loken.

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    Love the show. Watched all of season 1 and I have missed all of season 2 so far .

    Im trying to catch up

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    This show is awesome! Season one had a bit of a hardship due to the writer's strike, but season two is a bit more refined in a way. The thing I like the most about this series is that it has a lot of hidden meanings in the episodes. You almost have to watch each episode a couple of times to catch everything. If you watch it just once, you could miss out on what's really going on, especially on some of the episodes where they tend to rush some of the action scenes to pass the rating system.

    BTW, the last episode. Did anyone else notice how they used the original Terminator 45mm pistol with scope? It's actually in the poster above as well.
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    I have to admit to being T:SCC junkie, big time.

    FOX broadcasts it first, in the Eastern Time zones, so I have my DVD recorder primed to catch that one. Of course, I monitor it as it records.

    Then I can watch it again, next day, day after that.... make a few screen captures, but the overlays that FOX uses are distracting, they rush the credits and most importantly, they have previews of what is to come.

    When Saturday rolls around, Space Channel (Canada) gets their shot at it. Primarily, I appreciate the audio boost and especially, the absence of overlays. Sweet.

    That is the one that joins the permanent collection, after I have edited out the commercials and corrected any glitches in the signal with multiple copies.

    When I get to 4, I write my final copy with my favorite graphs in the menus. Summer usually wins that challenge.

    The latest incarnation of the T-888, played by Patrick Kilpatick.

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