1. SweetSaudade's Avatar
    Hi, any suggestions for the best way to get 2 weeks of internet access on a netbook? Owner doesn't have a Blackberry so tethering won't work. Looked into renting an aircard but it's $6 a day which I thought was high. The issue is that there is likely to be no hotspot where she will be staying on vacation..

    Thank you!

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    08-02-10 05:11 AM
  2. 1812dave's Avatar
    buy a phone that does tethering, and return it before the 30 days are up. all they will pay for is the data service (which, if they have a smartphone now, will be the same price per day anyway). if they put their old phone back into service they won't even be charged the $35 restock fee.
    08-02-10 09:27 AM
  3. syb0rg's Avatar
    rooted android. download "barnacle" problem solved.
    08-02-10 12:00 PM
  4. jlb21's Avatar
    Is there a Starbucks nearby?
    08-02-10 12:10 PM
  5. trucky's Avatar
    She's on vacation... leave the netbook home.

    Or you could get a... gulp... dialup account for $8.95 for the month. Some of us still use that now and then.

    Someone say barnacle?
    08-02-10 12:56 PM