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    I know this is a lil off topic for a cell phone site, but I just wanna ask anyways..

    I recently did my taxes I was supposed to get a certain amount back (which isn't much anyways)

    but ya know how we all gotta stimulus check last year in increments of $300.00

    well I did my taxes, a certain amount was supposed to be in there, ended up not being the amount, short by $178.00

    call the woman that did my taxes and when I told her I got back $300.00 in which thats what I thought, I don't remember, but she called me back on the info on it and says that I got $478.00 in a stimulus check so it shorted my overall balance of $178.00???

    basically because she put on there I got back $300.00 in stimulus but the gov't says I got $478.00 I got shorted $178.00

    does that sound right to you all?

    hope this makes sense, it's kinda early, so if it doesn't i'll elaborate more
    03-17-09 08:34 AM
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    Hey tallguy-i understand ur story-the theory of it howevr....wat u need to do is dig up that payck stub that says $300 and Not $478 and prove it to them that they owe u the $178 back. Or they won't even entertain ur claim. Good luck & hope this does pan out for u.

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    03-17-09 08:38 AM
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    Did a little research. This might help:Recovery Rebate Credit Information Center

    Basically, you're eligible for more rebate money if you didn't get all you were entitled to in 2008 or your filing circumstances change (had a baby for instance) that qualifies you for a greater rebate.
    03-17-09 10:10 AM