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    Well I own a nexus 7 2012 model tablet, it ran amazing with jelly bean and kit kat. But as many of you know once lollipop hit I now have a paper weight. Cannot do anything with it, I tried using different browsers, I have wiped the device clean, I don't have any apps installed other than the wwe and Netflix app. I can't watch any youtube videos without a problem occurring, I sometimes can't even close browsers or other things because it's so unstable. I'm in the market for a new tablet, one thing I will say is I don't want an ipad I'm just not going to spend that much money to watch videos and browse websites. I'm considering a fire hdx7, if only blackberry would make a new tablet...."sigh". I'd like to hear your suggestions , I have considered buying a z30 or passport and eliminate the tablet but I like having the bigger screen.

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    02-26-15 11:24 PM
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    LOL. I had the opposite experience for the 2012, e.g. JB and KK were not good but LP has sped things up a bit. Yeah, I tried getting rid of apps but I think closing out all the recent apps works better to free up memory. I don't like the way android manages apps. It does lag once in a while, especially when updating apps, but it is usable. I also have the 2013 and it is still a very good tablet 2 yrs later. I know it is "older" tech but you can get them pretty cheap and it has relatively good sound quality. I like the Nexus line, e.g. it gets the OS updates fast OTA. You might check out the Nexus 9, which is made by HTC instead of Asus.

    You could go with the new Samsung stuff that has good screen resolution. I just don't like Samsung's quality of construction.

    I don't have any experience with the Amazon stuff but people say it has pretty good sound quality. But not as good as the PlayBook. LOL.

    I just got a Windows 8.1 tab. They have 8" sizes like the Dell Venue and Toshiba. Just get the biggest drive you can as Windows has a big footprint. I got the Asus T100TA Transformer 32 gb and only have 5 gb free with all the Windows Updates. Only a couple of programs installed.
    02-27-15 10:19 AM

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