11-02-08 03:36 AM
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  1. mab4285's Avatar
    Right. If Obama raises taxes and mandates universal healthcare we'll turn into Canada. Innovative companies like RIM would never exist in a place like Canada.
    Please tell me that's you being sarcastic....considering RIM is based in Waterloo, ON in CANADA!
    10-30-08 09:45 PM
  2. dingleberry_2621's Avatar
    Dang and I work for the company oh well it pays the bills but My vote has already been made for Obama!
    11-01-08 10:03 PM
  3. Shake's Avatar
    Your comment about McCain just getting the hang of touch tone phones is ridiculous. Why don't you stick to the facts and keep your conjecture to yourself.
    Yes. I agree with money69. He may not have figured out touch tone phones yet. Maybe he can get a mobile version of the telegraph? I think I did see him carrying a really large horn to one of the debates. He uses it to signal his fellow Yoda look-a-likes. I saw that one town hall debate and thought there was a 4th Lord of the Rings movie and Frodo was a great grandfather.

    Seriously though, John McCain is so old...
    ::Crowd chants::How old is he?!
    He is SO old that he has Medicare, which he plans on cutting! Zing!

    For real though... AT&T is releasing a new blackberry designed just for McCain. It's called the BlackBerry OLD. It is actually made of the same leather that most would refer to as McCain's skin.

    I'm here all week folks!

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    11-02-08 03:36 AM
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