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    AT&T apologizes for 9/11 commemorative tweet that featured a BlackBerry Z10 after getting Twitter-shamed | Financial Post

    Just ran across this article and I couldn't on first look tell if the picture and tweet were a marketing ploy by AT&T or if the company that designed the picture/tweet knew that posting such a picture would start the anti-BBRY bashing. Thoughts? Comments anyone?
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    09-11-13 03:39 PM
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    Oops, spell check not so great.. Faux Pas
    09-11-13 03:40 PM
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    Looks like people are just being overly sensitive. . . . . . its easy to take a Z10 and make it look like a generic device ( unfortunately)
    09-11-13 03:42 PM
  4. Undbiter65's Avatar
    They removed the branding. Seems like they were just trying to pay tribute.

    Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10
    09-11-13 03:46 PM
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    09-11-13 06:04 PM

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