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    1) Take a picture with your BlackBerry 10 or 7.1 phone.

    2) The picture must be directly or indirectly related to the precedent picture, and the next poster will have to post a picture related to your post.

    (For example, if the precedent posted a photo of a toothbrush, you have to post a picture of a human or animal tooth, like a shark tooth. If it's a shark tooth, then the next poster may either post a picture of a fish because sharks are fishes or a tongue, lips ,... and so on).

    The outcomes can be funny.
    03-02-14 09:11 AM
  2. Haxorleet's Avatar
    Brush Sunday's Pictures Game-img_20140302_161155_edit.jpg
    03-02-14 09:12 AM

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