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    I am reading a german version of Tom Clancy's roman Hunt for Red October. I found some very strange thing there: in one sentence, the actual heading of the submarine is course of 5-2-0 degrees ("Ihr Kurs war nun fünf-zwei-null"). It doesn't make sense to me. Do you thing it's some kind of typo? As far as I know from Airplanes or some very basic navigation in general, the basic navigation scale is 360 degrees. Where have they taken those 520°? I am almost certainly sure that it should had been "course 250", but just asking if anyone knows.
    02-17-18 05:59 AM
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    I've got that sinking feeling ;-)

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    02-17-18 12:19 PM
  3. skrble's Avatar
    I've got that sinking feeling ;-)

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    Maybe it's some kind of a cypher, like 520=obvious 360+hidden 160?
    02-17-18 04:35 PM

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