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    Am I the only with Shaw Cable tired of waiting for all the basic HD channels that most cable providers in Canada already have?? I live in Winnipeg, MB and MTS, which is a local cable provider has 3 times as much HD channels. Shaw (Regional provider) with about 31 and MTS with 108 and counting. I mean I've been waiting for NBA TV HD for almost a year now and they still haven't got it yet. I'm happy with my current student promo (Digital TV + HD Plus [all HD channels], High Speed 25 (with 2Mbps download speed), and Total Home Phone with unlimited North America calling and 500 overseas minutes all for $140/month. To avoid a misunderstanding, my vent is strictly regarding the lack of major HD channels. I mean if local Cable providers can get all those channels, what's taking Shaw so long?? Someone explain this to me please because I'm a bit confused here
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