02-08-09 10:22 PM
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  1. brian_peterson's Avatar
    If that's the case. I like rice! Oh yeah... Right... Where is our leak?
    01-11-09 05:08 PM
  2. alaboyd's Avatar
    I just want a fix to the bugs. Any advancement would be great, but if the next OS gets rid of the media card error and the verizon screen freeze, then I love my Storm. Really, can live with everything else.
    New to BB and the forums. Love what CX and some of the others do for us. Would have returned the Storm a month ago without them and all you other posters who have helped me so much.
    01-11-09 05:10 PM
  3. skinchaser's Avatar
    Love this forum too! Read a few hundred posts already and I don't even have my storm until next week. Can hardly wait, glitches and all.
    01-11-09 06:00 PM
  4. drjay868's Avatar
    do you think we'll get something this weekend? I need some joy. I went to the Titans Playoffs and they lost so I'm pretty bummed.
    I could really use some joy too. I have a buddy who had an old school bus used for Browns tailgating. He needed brakes so he had a fundraiser and raised $2500 for them. Unfortunately, it totally died. He decided to bet that $2500 on that Titans game... so, um, yeah... No tailgating bus this year.

    So who was it thats supposed to leak .87? Doesn't anyone else find it strange that he would announce that he's going to leak it?
    01-11-09 06:13 PM
  5. cray1000's Avatar
    bb397 was the one, it is strange that he would announce that he was going to leak it and not just leak it instead of announcing but, BB397 this anonymous hero of the soviet union leaked both .82 and .85 so his credibility is 100%.

    He said he was busy at #CES and would leak it after CES! That would be tonight (after CES wuld be tonight, it ended this afternoon) i dont know if he is going to leak it tonight for sure though, after CES could be when he gets home which could be tomorrow i guess.
    01-11-09 07:07 PM
  6. markdental's Avatar
    Gosh I hope its tonight.

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    01-11-09 07:08 PM
  7. drjay868's Avatar
    Thanks Cray. I hope its tonight too. I've got kindof a slow schedule tomorrow, so it would give me something to do most of the day!
    01-11-09 07:10 PM
  8. cray1000's Avatar
    Interesting thing to talk about is what he said....

    He said he has .86 AND .87 and said that he was going to release .86 cause it was better than .87.

    He said it fixed the bugs in .85 like memory card inserted error.

    My guess is this:

    .86 was a build that focused on just fixing .83 and .85 bugs.....

    .87 was a build that added some new changes, and there fore would be very buggy.
    01-11-09 07:24 PM
  9. drjay868's Avatar
    Is there any rhyme or reason to how the naming of the OSs works? Like .86 worked on one issue above .85? .85 was a fix of 7 issues on .78... or something like that?
    01-11-09 07:44 PM
  10. brian_peterson's Avatar
    drJay I don't think that is the case. I know as a Software Engineer at our Company that revisions have general guidelines and not hard and fast rules.

    Generally, small jumps in a revision means a small amount of fixes. A large jump generally means alot has changed.

    If they are using the Agile approach to development this should be the case. Because they would be on a few week iteration cycle per "blessed" revision. The "blessed" revision goes out at the end of an iteration to be tested more thoroughly. If the blessed version passes my guess is it goes on to the carrier.

    How .85 slipped through the cracks? I am using .85 and I only see the Verizon screen freeze on boot up. Honestly it's not that big of a deal for me. But hey some people freak out and buggy software. I am always amazed at the sheer quantity of posts on this issue!
    01-11-09 07:52 PM
  11. markdental's Avatar
    I have been using .85 for quite a while and other than the Verizon screen freeze I love the speed. The browser is amazing.

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    01-11-09 07:57 PM
  12. drjay868's Avatar
    Thanks for the update Brian.

    I've only had that VZW screen freeze on me once. Most other issues have only happened to me once, so I'm amazed that people keep having the same problems over and over. Maybe I just got lucky.
    01-11-09 08:00 PM
  13. pkcable's Avatar
    PK please keep the discussion on topic please. Please don't make me warn you again. Thanks.

    LMAO. dang the Carolina Panthers. They really let me down last night.
    Good one CX! For a second you had me.

    Anyways I'm not staying up all night again waiting for a leak that may or may not come. Hopefully tomorrow. Gnight folks.
    01-11-09 08:32 PM
  14. DallasinPcola's Avatar
    Good one CX! For a second you had me.

    Anyways I'm not staying up all night again waiting for a leak that may or may not come. Hopefully tomorrow. Gnight folks.
    This is the attitude we need to have...I mean- yes- a new OS would be WONDERFUL, however at this point it's mere speculation. Yes BB has been pretty reliable in the past- however- who know's when he would leak it- if he is even the one who does.

    If you think about it "He will leak it after CES" can be an from the time CES is over to infinty- her doesn't say when. If he leaked it 3 days from now or a year from now- he would still be keeping his word.

    Have your fun on here- read some posts and go to bed. I am addicted just as much as most on here are. I quit worrying about the leaks- and just check the next day. If it's not here- I just check back from time to time. It's not healthy to stay glued to the forum just because of the notion a leak may happen. I have seen people come unglued on here waiting on these things- I have seen people get ripped off in hopes of getting a new leak...it's not worth it guys!

    anyhow- I'm thankful there are mods on here that are good at keeping the hysteria to a minimum.
    01-11-09 08:49 PM
  15. Valace2's Avatar
    I just saw another d*mn storm commercial. I hate those commercials. I love the Storm, but those commercials are fraud.
    01-11-09 08:54 PM
  16. drjay868's Avatar
    I just saw another d*mn storm commercial. I hate those commercials. I love the Storm, but those commercials are fraud.
    AGREED!!! I love my phone, but those commercials are very misleading. If any of these phones actually worked that fast... well, I don't know what I'd do! Maybe people would complain about the reboots and freezes a little less... probably not, but maybe!
    01-11-09 08:59 PM
  17. brian_peterson's Avatar
    I think it should be illegal. If you are demoing a electronic gadget you have to show the entire device without smoke and mirrors. I know they are trying to claim the food industry does it. But to me that's totally different. They are trying to give you the effect you would see in person.

    Whereas the iPhone and Storm commercials are giving you a total lie. There should be laws against this. If you are going to demo a device they must demo it with real software.

    Oh and if I am in danger of being off topic... LEAK IT! LEAK IT! DANG IT I NEED NEW OS! LOL!!!
    01-11-09 09:05 PM
  18. Valace2's Avatar
    Well call me uncommitted but I am heading off. If its leaked at midnight or whatever so be it. Enjoy the upgrade if it comes fellas.
    01-11-09 09:23 PM
  19. Valace2's Avatar
    Gotta say sticking this thread in off-topic stinks. You guys are boring.
    01-11-09 09:47 PM
  20. cray1000's Avatar
    for those of you who think BB397 if Kevin...... If your right, we wont be seeing this leak to tomorrow at the earliest. Kevin's twitter says he is just getting ready to fly back to canada tonight, so if it is him, we wont see it till tomorrow.

    if its not him, we could still see something tonight.
    01-11-09 09:53 PM
  21. DallasinPcola's Avatar
    Gotta say sticking this thread in off-topic stinks. You guys are boring.
    "Yo mamma"
    01-11-09 10:18 PM
  22. cray1000's Avatar
    its here! WOOT!
    01-11-09 11:26 PM
  23. cray1000's Avatar
    and downloading now. bb397 released it as i said he would
    01-11-09 11:29 PM
  24. Valace2's Avatar
    Woot Woot!!!!
    01-12-09 05:31 AM
  25. Valace2's Avatar
    What was I thinking going to sleep. NO TIME! NO TIME!.
    01-12-09 05:32 AM
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