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    good morning! (In GMT)

    Right, quick post about trouble in my relationship;
    My girlfriend of 2.5 years recently broke up with me due to my mother's criticisms and being sensitive, she had enough. She was tearing up as I took her from my house to hers and she said she will always love me, but can't deal with the fact she is always judged by both of my parents. Now, I have settled this with my parents and we came to an agreement where they will all have a sit-down and discuss it professionally. My ex, on the other hand, was reluctant at first but has agreed so that we can get back on track as she apparently hasn't stopped thinking about me over the past few days. We will be meeting tomorrow after she has finished her 'plans' so that we may have dinner.

    Now… here's the calamity of it all;
    My ex is in full time education and it seems that a certain classmate has taken a liking to her (he is 17 and she is 20 in January). I thought I should mention that I have never met the boy before. As soon as she broke up with me and news got out, he offered her to come round his house and watch movies, which was discussed over her Facebook chat.
    I know I shouldn't have looked at her profile though; she had forgotten that my phone saved her Facebook password and I was able to get in and see all of her messages. I regret this.
    Anyhow, all of his messages contained many kisses, lovehearts and winks. She has agreed to go over to his house and watch movies. I realised that this is the 'plan' she had tomorrow and I will be picking her up from a different place.
    Before making assumptions, she has messaged me after this conversation with the classmate and said she misses my hugs, kisses, can't wait to see me etc.

    As this is no territory of mine, nor do I have any sort of right to question her on what she is doing, I am pretty much stumped. This could all be one big misunderstanding and that this classmate is just being a friend looking out for another as she is extremely upset about our breakup. On the other hand, I can't help but think that as she is upset and possibly vulnerable/confused, the meeting may turn out to be something more and he may try to move it to what could potentially destroy what me and my ex had, and what we're about to get going again.

    She did offer me to come and collect her straight away before our conversation ended, but I am cab driving until 0600GMT.

    What are you guys' thoughts? I'm stressing

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    Well, she did said she will always love you, and you should hold onto that promise until you clarify things. Ask her about this in a very nice way as to not upset her. I'm pretty sure this can be resolved. As for your parents, it's normal for them to have an opinion but you need to make them see that you are old enough to make decisions about what to do with your relationship to others. At the end of the day, they aren't the one whose gonna marry the girl.

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    12-21-14 11:29 PM
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    I agree with Ron, she did say she loves you. Just becuase the other guy was making a move on your ex-girlfriend doesn't mean she will take him up on it. You should let the relationship move as it will. Hopefully the meeting goes well and parents understand you are the one that will be with her and not them.
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    12-22-14 09:37 PM
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    I think you should be honest and have a little chat about the "friend".
    It's hard to trust anything nowadays, including your own eyes. The best way to get a clear view is to ask.

    Oh, and be honest that she left her account up on your phone. She'll appreciate that.

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    12-22-14 09:59 PM

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